New York is an amazing place and full of opportunities for young professionals. Even though this city is a great place New Yorkers often decide to retire somewhere else. Many of them decide to retire in New Hampshire. Not that you can live in a place like NYC in your senior years, you can but it’s an expansive, loud, and not so friendly place for people looking to enjoy their retirement. New Hampshire on the other hand is a perfect place for that.

New Hampshire for seniors

Something you will notice right away – prices. Living in New Hampshire is cheaper than in most places. The costs of life are cheaper than the US average, which means that it’s way cheaper than NYC. That can be a piece of great news for seniors looking to relocate here. But this place is way more than just a cheaper solution for you. Unlike NYC this is a very safe place to live. Crime rates are way lower than the national average. This place has the least number of people living in poverty in the country.

New Hampshire 101

It’s good to know some basics before you retire in New Hampshire. Doing thorough research before making this big decision is very important. So here is some basic info about this great state. This state is in New England. Also, good to know that this state has the best air quality (about 4.10). They also have the second-highest well-being index (65.20) so this state looks great for seniors.

Exploring fun things to do in New Hampshire

This is a fun place with lots of things to see and do. Even though you are retiring and you want some peace and quiet it’s nice to have some fun activities from time to time and to explore this new place. Also, it’s great to meet new people and socialize, now you finally have time. Here is a list of things you should visit in New Hampshire :

  • Strawberry Banke ( 10-acre Strawberry Banke Museum where you can see houses from four centuries of the old port neighborhood )
  • Hampton Beach is an amazing beach where you can enjoy sunny days
  • Story Land is a place where the magic happens, if you loved fairy tales when you were younger you will love it here
  • Currier Museum of Art and Zimmerman House for art fans
  • Lake Winnipesaukee for nature lovers
New Hampshire countryside which makes retiring in New Hampshire very tempting
New Hampshire is surrounded by amazing nature, if you like to take long walks – you will have the best scenery here.

From New York to New Hampshire

If you have plans to retire in New Hampshire you need to know that you will be needing some adaptation time. This is a completely different city and place. You will miss New York, its hard not to miss a place like that even though it has some flaws. So, give yourself some time to adjust to this new lifestyle you will be having here, and don’t worry if, in the beginning, you miss the noise.

New York city view.
New York is a great place, but it’s not so amazing to retire here. Sometimes place like NH can be a better solution.

Relocation from NY to NH

Let’s start from the beginning because relocations can be hard even for young people let alone when you retire in New Hampshire. That’s why many people decide to hire movers like in order to do this quickly and stress-free.

It’s important to plan this ahead in order to do everything the right way. You should start by decluttering your soon-to-be old place and prioritize. See if you need everything or you can get rid of some unnecessary items. You surely have something you don’t use anymore or something broken. Everybody does, that happens over time. There is no reason to pack and relocate things you no longer need, so that’s why decluttering before packing is important.

A woman packing her clothes.
If packing is too hard for you, movers can help you out.

The next step

In order to avoid heavy lifting or hurting yourself during the process, it would be a smart move to hire professionals to do this for you. They can even help you with packing if that is too much work for you. Movers can be handy and really helpful. Many people hire local movers after they relocate to help them with unpacking and settling in. Assistance is always within reach for those who need it. But, of course, if you want you can do this on your own. But make sure to ask at least friends or family members to help you out with heavy lifting.

Adapting in NH quickly

After retiring in New Hampshire, the best way to adapt quickly is to quickly unpack and settle in. When you are done with this boring chore you can start with decorating your new place. That way it will soon feel like home and you will adapt in no time. Of course, exploring the neighborhood and meeting and befriending your new neighbors can help too. As soon as you are done with those basic things you can start exploring the fun things to do here ( see above ). This is not New York and there is less entertainment than you might be used to, but there is still lots to do and enjoy.


Even though the pandemic is slowly calming down and most people are vaccinated by now you should still try your best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The way to do this is to keep your hands clean at all times ( if you don’t have access to water to wash your hands use gel sanitizer – they can fit into a pocket or a purse ). You should socialize of course – the world is not going to stop just because of one pandemic but you should be careful. Good luck on your new upcoming adventure, take your time and ask for help when you need it. That way you will be done in no time and ready to enjoy your retirement. You deserved it.

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