If you are getting ready for leaving CA and for surviving NYC, you need to know how to prepare well for this task. Continue reading this article to discover how to do it right! You will learn from others’ experiences and other Californians who moved to the Big Apple. Anyway, here, you can find out where to move, how to find a perfect home, and how to settle in!

Best neighborhoods in NYC for Californias

When planning to come to the Big Apple from the Golden State, you need to know how to select the best part of this city to be your home. So, considering everything, here are some greatest places where you can start a new life in NYC:

  • Manhattan – East Village, Nolita, Upper East Side.
  • Brooklyn – DUMBO, Park Slope, Crown Heights.
  • In Queens, there are Astoria, Forest Hills, Bayside.
  • The Bronx – Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Pelham Bay.
  • And when it comes to Staten Island you will enjoy Great Kills, St. George, New Springville.
Man on the Brooklyn Bridge is preparing for surviving NYC.
Get ready for surviving NYC!

When moving from California to New York City

As for the relocation part, you need to know how to organize this job properly. So, right after you find a perfect neighborhood in NYC to be your home, you should begin with certain preparations. The only way you can pack for the move, relocate smoothly and without any rush is to hire some professionals. These movers will help you transfer your belongings, settle in, and do whatever you required to experience a simple and easy move. You see, this transition is a complex process, and you better leave it to the experts. With their assistance at your disposal, you will be able to focus on adapting to the new environment and getting around. And that is a lot more important than packing and transferring items long-distance on your own.

The first step in surviving NYC is to get to know him

The Big Apple is a huge place, and since you want to become a resident, you need to learn more about him. The best way to introduce yourself to NYC is to visit it. So, whenever you can, leave California for a while and come to New York City. Take tours, go to different parts, and explore boroughs. Thanks to that, you will be able to gather plenty of information that can be useful when you move in.

Another thing that can help you learn more about NYC is going online. There, Californians who moved to the Big Apple share their stories. They will help you get to know the city, find a home, entertainment spots, and so many other things. Apart from that, you might also learn how to move there. If not, then you will need special homework so you can organize well to perform this process. In that case, go to sosmovingla.net. Here, you will be provided with the necessary data, packing tips, and you will be ready for the big move in no time.

NYC, Times Square crowd.
New York City has lots of amazing things that Californians will enjoy!

Things that surviving the Big Apple requires

  • You will get different types of job opportunities.
  • The constant moving processes are a common thing to many Newyorkers.
  • Learn how to organize for househunting when the time comes!
  • The new surroundings will help you challenge yourself and accomplish your private goals.
  • You will meet a completely diverse environment when it comes to every field.
  • In NYC, another change is the climate and weather conditions.
  • One more thing you have to survive is the people.

Tips for Californias on how to survive financially in NYC

So, how to afford to live in NYC? Well, you are already living in California, and you know that this state also has big expenses. In other words, when it comes to housing, utilities, and other stuff, you have to prepare your budget. Anyway, the same thing will wait for you in the Big Apple. Of course, there are some parts of the city where you won’t have to spend a fortune on certain costs. But, if you want to learn how to save money in New York, here are some tips that can be quite helpful in that goal:

  • When it comes to housing, you must know your priorities. Set them up to know what kind of property you are looking for. Then, think about the location, amenities you want around, the distance you are planning to cross to work, grocery shops, etc. For this step, you might want to consult a real estate agent, so you can find the right property in a neighborhood that suits you the most.
  • Transportation and hustling and bustling – Again, depending on your demands, you are choosing the NYC area that fits most. But, to save more money, you can always walk, or take a bike to work. With that in mind, if your only mission is to be close to the work, then you should adapt the househunting accordingly. Consider everything, and think about what option is more affordable. 
NYC viewpoint.
Introduce yourself with the Big Apple properly!

Surviving NYC – Things you should prepare for when you become a resident

  • How much you intend to spend daily? At the beginning of your life in NYC, it would be wise to keep a record of expenses. Use it to organize the budget and get your finances for other things.
  • The food plan is also significant for the budget. So organize grocery shopping ahead of time, prepare for the buying, get coupons, etc.
  • One more thing you can save your money on is entertainment. There are plenty of things to do in New York after moving there. And even though you just moved to NYC, you should know that there are lots of free attractions that can help you get to know the city.

Why stories from other people who moved to the Big Apple will help you with surviving NYC

Well, the main reason why you need tips is that you can learn so much from someone else’s NYC life experience. So, don’t be afraid and let yourself know the other side. Discover what makes the Big Apple undesirable for living, and don’t feel knockdown if there are some things in your new surroundings that you don’t like. Simply, prepare for the new challenge and learn how to find a new place that will suit you. This way you will learn from your mistake, and you will learn how to play smart for the new test in NYC.

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