Why New Yorkers decide to retire in New Hampshire

New York is an amazing place and full of opportunities for young professionals. Even though this city is a great place New Yorkers often decide to retire somewhere else. Many of them decide to retire in New Hampshire. Not that you can live in a place like NYC in your senior years, you can but it's an expansive, loud, and not so friendly place for people looking to enjoy their retirement. New Hampshire on the other hand is a perfect place for that.

New Hampshire for seniors

Something you will notice right away - prices. Living in New Hampshire is cheaper than in most places. The costs of life are cheaper than the US average, which means that it's way cheaper than NYC. That can be a piece of great news for seniors looking to relocate here. But this place is way more than just a cheaper solution for you. Unlike NYC this is a very safe place to live. Crime rates are way lower than the national average. This place has the least number of people living in poverty in …

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Places to check out if planning to move to Maryland

If you are planning to move to Maryland soon, you should read this to see all the great places there but also see how to do this relocation like a pro. Relocations are never easy and that's why it's necessary to do some research before you even start with the packing process. There are ways to make this easier but first, let's talk some more about Maryland and all the great places there.

Maryland 101

Fun fact - this is the birthplace of the U.S. national anthem! This place is best known as the state with the lowest poverty rates in the country. That's pretty amazing. They also have some really amazing schools like The Johns Hopkins University so this is a pretty good place for raising a family. The kids will have a good education. If you are looking to buy a house here be prepared, they are pricy but if you plan on renting the prices are about the national average, so pretty decent.

Some of the best neighborhoods in Maryland

Frederick, Easton, Rock…

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How much money do you need for a Midtown Manhattan apartment

It's no secret that apartments in NYC are quite costly. Midtown Manhattan especially. There is a reason why are they so expensive. Everybody wants to be here. To work or to live here. This is simply because this city is the capital of the world as some refer to it. So many job opportunities are here that people from all over the world are trying to find a way to relocate here. So let's see just how much money do you need for a Midtown Manhattan apartment (renting or buying) and also how to find people to help you out.

Renting in Midtown Manhattan

There are some perks to renting. This is not a long-term solution but it can be quite easy. You simply rent the place and whatever happens your landlord is the one handling problems. So you don't have many obligations towards the place. You simply need to keep it nice and tidy the way it was given to you. That's not so hard. But when it comes to money it can be a bit much so many decide to find a smaller apartment in o…

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Surviving NYC: Californians who moved to the Big Apple share their stories

If you are getting ready for leaving CA and for surviving NYC, you need to know how to prepare well for this task. Continue reading this article to discover how to do it right! You will learn from others' experiences and other Californians who moved to the Big Apple. Anyway, here, you can find out where to move, how to find a perfect home, and how to settle in!

Best neighborhoods in NYC for Californias

When planning to come to the Big Apple from the Golden State, you need to know how to select the best part of this city to be your home. So, considering everything, here are some greatest places where you can start a new life in NYC:

Manhattan - East Village, Nolita, Upper East Side.Brooklyn - DUMBO, Park Slope, Crown Heights.In Queens, there are Astoria, Forest Hills, Bayside.The Bronx - Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Pelham Bay.And when it comes to Staten Island you will enjoy Great Kills, St. George, New Springville. Get ready …
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Places in Ohio where senior New Yorkers feel at home

When retirement time comes, most seniors are looking to move to a new place where it is peaceful and quiet, especially seniors who are living in NYC. So, if you are using a senior moving guide for retiring, you should definitely consider places in Ohio. This state has a population of over 11 million people and it is known as a peaceful and quiet state. Also, a lot of seniors are moving to Ohio in order to find their place and their peace. Spending retirement days in Ohio is a real benefit. But, what are the top places in Ohio where senior New Yorkers feel at home?

A list of places in Ohio for seniors where they will feel at home

So, what are the places in Ohio where New Yorkers feel at home? Let us present to you a list of these:

YoungstownEastlakeHilliard is one of the places in Ohio for seniorsReynoldsburgWarren

Be sure that all these places are suitable for seniors and that you will adapt to each of them with ease. So, moving for retirement t…

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The newcomer’s guide to West Point, NY

West Point is not only about military academies. Although it's worldwide famous, there is a lot more that this neighborhood can offer. West Point is located in Orange County and has a population of over 6700. The climate is humid and continental with four distinct seasons, which is considered to be very healthy. We can show you a guide to West Point in two sections - before moving in and what to do when you do move in.

Your personal guide to West Point

If you like living in New York but the city noise and crowd is not for you, this is the perfect place for you. Even if you ever feel the need to be where the main events and hip happenings are in NY, you are one train ride away. The costs of living are not low, this is still New York so the prices are accordingly. The same goes for renting and buying a place.

Living in any part of New York can be quite expensive. Moving to West Point

When moving anyplace, you need to prepare accordingly. Discuss …

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Ways to explore Pearl River with your family

If you have finished the process of preparing for moving to NYC with your family and it is over, congratulations on that! Living in NYC with your family has a lot of benefits and you can be sure that you will enjoy this beautiful city. A good thing is that you can always find some activities to do and you can never be bored. In this case, we will talk about the ways to explore Pearl River with your family. Pearl River is located in Rockland County, NY. So, let's find out what you can do in this place with your family!

What are the ways to explore Pearl River with your family?

Once you decide to go and explore Pear River, these are the places that you should visit with them:

Bronx Zoo. - This is one of the primary ways to explore Pear River with your family. If your kids love animals and zoos, this is the perfect spot!Little Italy shopping tour. - Shopping lovers should take this tour. This will also help you to better meet the place.Hip Hop dance classe…
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Handbook for living in Woodside, Queens

In case you want to move to Woodside in Queens, you should definitely learn something more about life there. Moreover, in this article, you will be able to find some of the most important things about living in Woodside in this beautiful borough of New York City. This neighborhood of this magical city has to offer so many wonderful things to all people who relocate there either alone or with their families. You will learn some things about people there and the costs of living. Enjoy!


First, many immigrants came from Ireland to this New York City neighborhood. Because of that, Woodside was once called Irishtown. Nowadays, the influence of the Irish people can still be noticed in this place. Moreover, there are many Irish pubs with excellent food which many people adore. The food that the majority of people always eat when they find themselves in this New York neighborhood is burgers.

Many people love Woodside burgers. Local relocation in Woo…
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