Why New Yorkers decide to retire in New Hampshire

New York is an amazing place and full of opportunities for young professionals. Even though this city is a great place New Yorkers often decide to retire somewhere else. Many of them decide to retire in New Hampshire. Not that you can live in a place like NYC in your senior years, you can but it's an expansive, loud, and not so friendly place for people looking to enjoy their retirement. New Hampshire on the other hand is a perfect place for that.

New Hampshire for seniors

Something you will notice right away - prices. Living in New Hampshire is cheaper than in most places. The costs of life are cheaper than the US average, which means that it's way cheaper than NYC. That can be a piece of great news for seniors looking to relocate here. But this place is way more than just a cheaper solution for you. Unlike NYC this is a very safe place to live. Crime rates are way lower than the national average. This place has the least number of people living in poverty in …

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