Regardless of the reason, the process of moving can be a fun and exciting one. Of course, you will need to do some things, especially if you are preparing for a long-distance move. One of those things is to pack cleaning products so that you can clean your new home before you settle in. That is why we give you some guidelines on what you can do to ease the process and not harm the environment.

In case you decide to dispose, rather than pack cleaning products

Maybe you think it’s too big of a hassle to pack your cleaning utensils and products, and it’s easier to just buy new ones upon arrival. Fair enough. But, you need to be very careful when it comes to Hazardous Household Waste. It can greatly endanger the environment and other people. So, be sure to follow all the regulations and safety precautions.

Be sure to close the lids!

Even though it may sound funny, but we can’t stress this enough – make sure that all the lids on the bottles of cleaning products are closed. Not only will this be much safer and much more economical, but you will also have an eco-friendly relocation which is great.

It is important to check if the lids are closed.
Be sure that you double-checked the bottle caps.

So, if you are going to pack your cleaning products instead of buying them on the spot, you should sort them and double-check if every bottle is sealed. This prevents the leaking of harmful chemicals and also saves you the headaches that arise from chemical damage that will occur.

If unsure about the tightness, you can always use something to put over the lid and secure it with rubber bands. Moreover, this might be your best choice. You know how they say – better to be safe than sorry. So, let’s move on to the process of packing.

What to do when packing cleaning products?

What you want to get is a medium-sized moving box of medium sturdiness. That way you will be able to pack all the products in one place. After you’ve done that, you should go and get some labels. It is very important that you make a noticeable label that the above-mentioned box contains items that may be hazardous. That way, you’ll warn your movers to be careful while handling the box. What’s even more important is to think about the process of unpacking.

Find the right size of a moving box.
Medium-sized, medium-sturdy box is the best pick!

When packing your cleaning products, you have to think about the fact that you are going to, most likely, use them upon arrival. The reason being that you want to do an extra clean before unpacking, right? That is why the most commonly used cleaning products should be easily reachable. To achieve that, you will need to pack in the order of importance – least important (at the bottom of the box) to most important (top of the box). If you follow this, you will be ready to settle in, in no time. So, pack cleaning products safely and good luck moving!

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