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New York family’s guide on moving to Saudi Arabia

Many companies, and also NYC-based companies are interested in expanding to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general. Naturally, you have to be prepared when moving from the states to another continent as you'll experience quite a different culture. Aside from learning how to prepare for the move by reading our New York family's guide on moving to Saudi Arabia, you need to find on your own a couple of things about their culture.

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How to Organize Home Renovation in NYC

So, you made a decision that instead of moving you will renovate your home. Otherwise, rising home prices could have easily chase you out of the market. After scouring the internet for designs and pictures you like and consequently choosing the best solutions for your space, it is time to make your dreams come true. An essential part of home renovation is planning and implementation, especially if we are talking about something that will enrichen your living space. Here are a few pieces of advice that will show you how to organize home renovation in NYC. (more…)
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The challenges of relocating an NYC-based business

Dreams can grow, even those accomplished can be upgraded. This is especially the case when it comes to business. It is never enough. In the beginning, the only thing you want is to make a breakthrough, have success, and operate successfully without losses. When you achieve it, especially in New York, you want more. You become ready to face the challenges of relocating an NYC-based business somewhere else. When you harden on a market like this, you are ready for anything.

You have to be prepared

Relocating an NYC-based business is never an easy decision and you have probably go through all the possibilities so far. The starting point for such a move is having a good reason. If you have it you will never regret it or have a second thought. That is why you need to be sure.

Prepare yourself for a new start

Have in mind that some of the things, during relocation, you will have to do all by yourself and for some of them you will have support. In fact, yo…

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