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5 reasons to spend this winter season in New Jersey

Winter is coming. For a lot of people, this means deciding where they will be spending their winter holiday. No matter whether you are a student, a parent with a child, or an elderly person, we believe that there are plenty of reasons why you should spend this winter season in New Jersey. New Jersey is a beautiful state with plenty of amazing cities and towns. The options are endless and very different which means that everyone can find something that suits their needs. This is why a lot of New Yorkers decide to spend their winter holiday in New Jersey. The two states are very close to each other yet New Jersey is very different. If you have been thinking about going somewhere this winter, here is where you can read just five reasons why we believe you should spend this winter season in New Jersey. There are so many things to be said about this state. But we have decided to give you only five things we find the most appealing during this time of the year as we believe only …

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Deciding on what to pack when moving with your family from Washington to New York

Moving with your family from Washington to New York is not an easy task. With kids and their stuff in the mix, it can get quite hectic soon (when it comes to packing especially). But we are here to help and show you a few tips and tricks on how to make it easier. Packing is the hardest part since there is a lot of items and you need to prepare them and pack them safely in order for them to come in one piece to NY. So, we will deal with the packing mostly.

Before you start with the packing

Like all families, yours probably has a lot of items. Some of them you don't use anymore. Some of them have become just "dust collectors" over the years. That's just the way it is. But this is also the reason why it's important to declutter at least once a year and it's especially important to do it before you start packing for moving with your family from Washington to New York.

How to declutter

The general rule is "if you haven't used something in years - chanc…

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How to help movers on a moving day

You chose to move to a bigger city, great! You have already decided which apartment to rent in NY and which moving company to hire. Moving is the only thing that remains. You might be wondering how to help movers on a moving day. They can take it, naturally, but it's the least you can do. In the end, they're doing all the hard work, and you want to make their job easier. Trust us when we say, they will be grateful.

In this story:

How to help movers? Find adequate packing suppliesLabel boxes to help moversBe prepared for their arrivalExpect bad weather Be nice to them How to help movers on a moving day? Find adequate packing supplies

When packing have in mind that you need to find the most adequate material at all times. For the process of relocating to go smooth, packing has to be done with extra care. You neither want to waste your or movers' time nor to damage something before it even got into the truck. The more time you spend on moving, the hi…

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