We are about to show you why New York retirees love Louisiana and why this can be a perfect place for you to retire and enjoy your senior years. New York is an amazing place but let’s face it – it’s a bit hectic, loud, and sometimes even obnoxious. That really is not something you want for your retirement. This place is for young professionals and people who love to hassle. After a certain age, that becomes too much and that means it’s time to pack your bags and relocate. We will also show you who can help you with relocation if you decide that Louisiana can be a perfect place for you too. Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle at all, but let’s leave that for later. Now, let’s see all the reasons why other New Yorkers are retiring there.

The prices are much lower

This is obvious and sometimes this can be the reason to pack in a hurry and move. New York is very expansive and real estate prices are so high that’s even hard to look at Zillow let alone afford that. This is one of the reasons why seniors decide to relocate. Louisiana is much more affordable. Overall costs of life are pretty reasonable and you will be spending way less than you are used to which is always a good thing. Also if you have something saved up and want to buy a home for yourself – you will be able to afford a much bigger place. A house even.

A person putting coins into a piggy bank.
Your expenses will be lower here and you will be able to afford a much better place.

Tax friendly

Unlike New York, Louisiana is a tax-friendly state for all retirees living there. Another piece of good news is that the state will not tax Social Security income (income from public pensions too). A fun fact about Louisiana is that this state has the third-lowest property taxes in the USA. All those are pretty good reasons to move there with genuine professionals from Zippy Shell Louisiana and enjoy your retirement with less financial burden.

The nature and safety

If you are living in NYC you are surely craving a real nature not just some cute trees in the park. Lousiana has some great nature that you can enjoy and maybe even start exercising. Pretty much all Lousiana cities are safer than NYC. That doesn’t mean NYC is bad it’s just a pretty big place. But let’s see cities that will be a great choice for you to retire. Of course, there are senior-friendly areas in NYC but Louisiana might be a better solution, especially the two cities we singled out for you.

A senior couple in the countryside as nature is one of the reasons why New York retirees love Louisiana
You will be able to really enjoy nature here.


This is a great city with friendly people and great food. This is what they are known for. Shreveport is one of the cities in Louisiana where you can find plenty of green spaces to enjoy. This is the most popular retirement area in Louisiana and that’s why we had to singe out this city. Now you can research it and see if you like it. Chances are you will just as many other New York retirees did. New York retirees love Louisiana but Shreveport especially. If you plan to relocate here you should hire movers to help you out with all your moving needs. They can also help you to find place for excess items if you have any.


This is one of the oldest cities in Louisiana. Many call it “The City of Light”. If you loved the movie Steel Magnolias, everything will look familiar here. Natchitoches Christmas Festival is something you simply can’t miss if you live anywhere nearby. It’s spectacular. This city is one of the best places for retirement in Louisiana and we believe you should research it. The prices are right, it’s very charming and friendly and the nature is great. Also, it’s a pretty safe place. Movers are friendly and helpful in this town too and they can help you with anything whether you need someone to unpack you or to put unnecessary items away – they will be there for you.

Best retirement homes in Louisiana

Some people prefer this kind of arrangement. It’s easier and it can be nice to be surrounded by other seniors and to have all the help. You don’t have to think about cleaning or cooking, you can just relax. Another reason why New York retirees love Louisiana is amazing and affordable retirement homes. Here is a list of the best ones so you can check them out :

  • Ville Ste Marie Senior Living, New Orleans
  • Brookdale Alexandria, Alexandria
  • The Blake at Colonial Club, Harahan
  • Azalea Estates of Gonzales, Gonzales
  • Maison Jardin Living Community, Morgan City
  • Courtyard Retirement & Assisted Living Community, Lafayette
  • The Verandah Retirement Community, Lake Charles
  • Savannah Court of Minden, Minden
  • Holly Court Assisted Living, Baton Rouge
Two elderly women smiling and having fun
Retirement homes can be the best solution.

Moving to Louisiana from New York

The best advice we have is to find movers that have a special service called “senior relocation”. That is the best way to move from New York to Louisiana. Those movers are specialized in moving seniors and know what you need and how to help you out. They can do pretty much everything you need starting from packing and securing all your household belongings. Let them deal with your bulky furniture and you can relax.

Settling in

This is also something that movers do but you will need different ones – local ones to be exact. They can come, unpack you and settle you in quickly. That way you can start exploring your new neighborhood right away and start meeting your new neighbors and have them over if you want without all the mess from relocation.

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