When you retire you suddenly have lots of free time on your hands. The stress of working almost every day for years goes away and you start enjoying life more. When people retire, they start doing more of the things they love doing. And that is why most seniors spend time outside in nature, taking walks throughout the city, reading a book on a bench, cycling through a park, fishing on a lake, or any other similar activities they love and are capable of doing. Being a senior shouldn’t be just staying inside the whole day doing nothing. Now that you have the time, you can spend it doing anything you want. This is why a lot of seniors have started moving to senior-friendly areas of New York City.

New York City is one of the most fun and exciting cities in the country as it is one of the biggest. Living in New York City means being able to do anything you want as you can easily have access to exactly that – anything you want. And for seniors, this is very important as they want to make the most out of their free time. If you are one of them, we believe that living in one of the following senior-friendly areas of New York City which we will tell you more about below is an amazing idea. There are some cons to these areas which we will also tell you more about.

Murray Hill

If you have some health issues as a lot of seniors do, living near reliable health facilities might be very important to you depending on your health condition. This is why we have decided to tell you about Murray Hill first. This is a part of New York City with some of the best healthcare facilities.

Murray Hill.
Murray Hill is a neighborhood located in the very center of New York City but it still is a very senior-friendly area.

But that is not all that makes it one of the senior-friendly areas of New York City. It is also the fact that this is one of the safest neighborhoods. And for seniors, safety also plays an important role in making the final decision of where you will be moving to in a big city such as New York. New York is known for being unsafe which is why these safe neighborhoods are very popular among retirees.

As we said already, you as a senior probably love spending your time outside doing plenty of things. If that is the case, living in Murray Hill is a huge advantage as the Grand Central Station is located in this neighborhood. This means that you can get to any part of the city easily. Now you can probably understand why a lot of seniors relocate to Murray Hill. And if you decide to do so as well, Movage Moving can assist with the relocation.

Upper East Side

If you love living in one of the biggest cities in the world but you do not want to be aware of that fact every day, moving to the Upper East Side is the best thing you can do. This is the only part of NYC where you really do not feel like you are living in NYC because of how peaceful it is. It is one of the best neighborhoods for families with children as well and it is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods too. This is why a lot of seniors move here.

The Upper East Side.
One of the most beautiful parts of NYC is simultaneously one of the most senior-friendly parts.

The Upper East Side is also very safe even though it is popular. It is the home to plenty of very well-known landmarks such as certain old buildings and statues which makes it very attractive to tourists. But this doesn’t make the neighborhood any less peaceful. The architecture that can be seen in the Upper East Side is what a lot of people who haven’t been to New York City imagine it to be like. This is why in order to live in this neighborhood you really do need large amounts of money. Housing here is very expensive. But the price surely is worth it. 

If you decide to move to the Upper East Side, have in mind that hiring professional assistance is necessary. You can leave heavy lifting to experts and that way stay safe during relocation. 

Battery Park City

If you are the type of person who loves living in the suburbs, Battery Park City is the perfect option for you. This is a neighborhood by the shore which means you can enjoy shoreline walks every day. It is also where the statue of Lady Liberty is located. Battery Park is one of the nicest parks in New York City and this is where you will certainly be spending a lot of your time. there are plenty of activities you can do here besides having a walk with an amazing view.

Battery Park.
Living in the part of the city with the best view is nothing but a good idea.

This is also where you can find a nice, affordable place to live in. And you should hire an extra pair of hands to help you with packing for the move to Battery Park as well. They can also assist with the relocation to your new Battery Park home.

Moving to Battery Park is a great idea for plenty of other reasons. This is where you will be able to meet a lot of people of similar age as a lot of elderly New Yorkers find this to be one of the most relaxing parts of the city. They come here to have picnics, look at the beautiful sight, and enjoy their free time. And if you are moving for retirement from another city or state, we believe that moving to Battery Park City is one of the best things you can do.

Those would be just some of the senior-friendly areas of New York City that we suggest you move to if you are searching for a new place. Good luck with your relocation!

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