Moving heavy pieces of furniture can sometimes be complicated. If it is not performed properly, too much strength, time, nerves are lost, unwanted injuries can occur, and there is a risk of damaging things that are being moved. Here are some simple techniques for moving bulky furniture without hurting your back or damaging your furniture.

Thinking about moving bulky furniture by yourself?

It’s not impossible. You just need to take a few things into account. Here are our 4 most important tips to help you with this project.

A girl writing down the plan for moving bulky furniture
Work smarter, not harder!

Make a good moving plan

This is perhaps the most important rule and the best advice we can give. It is very important to make a good plan before moving. The place where things should be moved should be visited, the dimensions of doors, steps, and rooms should be measured, and problematic pieces of furniture should be measured to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of moving. Of course, you need to have an idea and a vision of what things should be placed in which place.

Get board with wheels

The first unwritten rule is to avoid lifting things whenever possible. Use wheels if possible, if that is not possible – slide things. Lifting is the last option. Anyone who has moved knows that such a simple aid makes work much easier. It can move in all directions and instead of lifting things, you push them on a dolly. Who thought simple plywood on which small wheels are mounted on each corner can be so useful? The height of this board mustn’t be great. The difficulty is if you come across stairs and high thresholds, then things still have to be raised.

Disassemble the furniture

Take the cushions, knobs, and legs away from the couch, and break the sections and the bed frames up. You can move them separately. If there are screws or other small parts that need to be removed, be sure to label them and store them in a baggie. However, if you don’t think you can do it on your own, you can always find experts for this job. At least you won’t have to remember and label where everything is.

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Take care of your well-being

Whenever possible use moving straps

Things must be secured with tapes and ropes so that they don’t get damaged and to avoid unwanted injuries to workers. Apart from protecting, these lifting straps can also be used for moving bulky furniture. Strips are necessary when the edges of the furniture are smooth and there is no place to catch them. They’re adjustable, so be sure to tailor them for the size of the furniture you’ll be lifting and the size of your own body.

Roll up your sleeves!

Moving bulky furniture by yourself shouldn’t be a problem once you prepare. You’re one-half through just by reading this article. If you however think that you’re not up to it, you can always visit Company Listings NYC and find professional help with every part of the move.

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