5 reasons to leave Florida and move to New York City

Do you love the Florida lifestyle but you live in NY or want to move to NY soon? These two states are very different, starting from weather, to the job market and costs of living. Florida has sunny weather and lower costs of living, including housing. What are the reasons to leave Florida and move to New York City, what is has to offer? Luckily, NY has everything for everyone, it is a place with a lot of different opportunities.

These two states have many differences such as:

ClimateJob marketBeachesCost of livingHousing optionsTaxesLaws Explore NYC and see what it has to offer to residents. It is a city full of opportunities and fun places Why leave Florida and move to New York City?

If you are moving from Florida to NYC for work and you must move, one of the things you will miss is hot and sunny weather and of course, beaches with beautiful white sand. But, there are many advantages to moving from FL to NYC.

NYC never sleeps so you wo…
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How to pack your storage for frequent access

Having storage is a great thing, whether you're moving or not. You can use it to store all those items you don't need in your home every day, but also don't want them to eat up your space. That's when a storage unit comes in handy. However, if your unit is not well organized, it will be hard to reach certain items, so the unit won't serve its purpose. So, before you store the items, learn how to pack your storage for frequent access, and organize it the best way possible.

Get shelves for your storage unit

To be able to pack your storage for frequent access, you need to have some shelves put up on the walls. Shelves serve to lift the items from the floor, ant therefore protect them in case of a flood. But also, shelves are a great way to organize your items and be able to find and reach them much faster.

Shelves help lift the boxes from the ground and therefore pack your storage for frequent access. Sort your items by frequency of use

To pack y…

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Guide to minimizing waste during an office move

A regular move can cause a lot of waste. But, an office move can be even worse. Business owners will be throwing away tons of paperwork, office materials, plastic wraps, and who knows what else when they decide to relocate. All of this is damaging the environment, unfortunately. But, an office move does not have to be like that. There are many ways you, as an owner, together with your employees, can do to minimize waste during your office relocation. And, we are here to help you out with that. Thus, here is our guide to minimizing waste during an office move. If interested in going green and helping our planet a bit, keep on reading.

Hire an Eco-friendly Moving Company

Moving companies, among other businesses, are also trying to go green. They are doing that for many reasons - to make their business more attractive to clients and, of course, to save the planet as previously mentioned. Minimizing waste during an office move should be much easier with their he…

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How many times does an average New Yorker move in a lifetime

You should know that Americans are known for their constant relocations. An average US citizen moves about 12 times in a lifetime. But, how many times does an average New Yorker move in a lifetime? It's a feeling New Yorkers do it more often. 

New York has a large rental inventory and increasingly expensive neighborhoods. So, people tend to explore new New York’s next hot neighborhoods. They are trying to find higher-quality, more affordable places. So, it outweighs the stressful aspects of relocating. 

How many times does an average New Yorker move - Younger people move more frequently

When an average New Yorker reaches the age of 18, he's likely to move at least another ten times in a remaining lifetime. But, once a person reaches 45 years old, he can expect to move three times. So, younger people tend to move more frequently.

How many times does an average New Yorker move? Young people more frequently. Why do…
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Tips for storing your extra office furniture

It can sometimes happen that while you're moving your office you are left with some extra furniture. You can always sell that furniture, but that may not be the smartest idea. You are not going to make much money out of it, and you certainly won't cover the price that you bought them for. It is much better to save it for some other occasion. But how you can save it if you don't have unused space in your office. By storing it in the storage of course. So, storing your extra office furniture in storage. How can it be done? Let's explore.

Hire a moving company

Moving large and bulky pieces of furniture is hard. You have to carry it throughout the building on your own. That way you are risking to injure yourself and damage the furniture. It is simply impractical, especially if you are moving your business to another state.

Storing your extra office furniture needs to be done with the help of a moving company.

This is why furniture relocation and reloca…

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How to protect solid wood furniture when moving

While moving you have to take care of many things. You have to find a perfect moving company for your needs, you have to organize your relocation, and you have to pack. And while you are packing your stuff for relocation, you have to protect your stuff from damages. In this guide, we are going to explore how you can protect solid wood furniture from damages when you are moving. So, without further ado, let's begin!

You have to protect solid wood furniture from scratches

Let's take for example a wooden table, but all of the following advice can be applied to any wooden furniture. First of all, when you are packing, don't put your stuff on top of your wooden table. This is one of the most important moving tricks. If you need to put something on your wooden table, make sure not to slide the objects. Sliding an object will damage the finish of your wooden table. You should pick up the object rather than slide it.

If you want to protect solid wood furniture …
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Handbook for living in Woodside, Queens

In case you want to move to Woodside in Queens, you should definitely learn something more about life there. Moreover, in this article, you will be able to find some of the most important things about living in Woodside in this beautiful borough of New York City. This neighborhood of this magical city has to offer so many wonderful things to all people who relocate there either alone or with their families. You will learn some things about people there and the costs of living. Enjoy!


First, many immigrants came from Ireland to this New York City neighborhood. Because of that, Woodside was once called Irishtown. Nowadays, the influence of the Irish people can still be noticed in this place. Moreover, there are many Irish pubs with excellent food which many people adore. The food that the majority of people always eat when they find themselves in this New York neighborhood is burgers.

Many people love Woodside burgers. Local relocation in Woo…
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Why are businesses leaving New York City

New York City is one of the biggest and most popular cities in the world. Why would anyone who owns a business there want to relocate it? Millions of people live in New York and many more of them visit this amazing city every year. This means that this is a perfect place for having a business. But not many people would agree. There are plenty of cons to having a business in New York City even though there are plenty of pros too. This is why plenty of businesses are being moved to other states. So why are all these businesses leaving New York City all of a sudden? You can find out here everything you need to know.

New York City is very expensive

Having a business means having office spaces or some sort of commercial real estate. And if you have been doing business, you know how much renting can cost. And if you have been doing business in New York City, you are already aware of how much money you are spending monthly on rent and bills. Just rent and bills! There…

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Preparing your business for relocation to another state in 2020

When talking about expanding or relocating your business, timing is everything. You can plan and plan all you want, however, these things seem to have a life of their own. Nonetheless, there's a lot that you can do to at least have your business relocation go in the right direction and stand a chance, even though 2020 hasn't really been the best year so far. Here's a little something about preparing your business for relocation to another state in 2020.

Pandemic during preparing your business for relocation to another state

So as not to beat around the bush, we need to state the obvious. There's been a pandemic going on for quite a while now and it's certainly not suitable for preparing your business for moving to another state.

Preparing businesses for relocation in 2020 is a bit tricky because of the pandemic.

There are some things that you can do in order to lessen the blow and actually pull it off.

AdvertiseIn every bad situation, it's p…
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How to ensure your belongings’ safety when moving to another country?

So, are you wondering how to ensure your belongings’ safety when moving to another country? You have definitely come to the right place! Our team of experts has prepared the perfect guide for you! However, there are some things you need to take into consideration. For example, you can do some things that might help you out with your move. There are some questions like “Should I call a moving company or not”. Only you know the answer for them! In any case, we do not wish to “spoil” this guide before even starting it. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight in!

How to ensure your belongings' safety when moving to another country – what to do before?

Relocating to another country is problematic even without having to transport your belongings somewhere. This is not like the benefits of expanding your business to NYC – it is completely different. You have two options, choose one of the following:

Hire a moving company. You can hire a moving company…
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