How to move guides talk about finding a reliable moving company, how to pack, or how to maximize space in your moving truck. We do not think those things are not significant. However, we believe that what to eat and wear on a moving day is equally crucial. We are here to help you how to handle the moving day. 

What to eat on a moving day

The crucial thing on a moving day is for you to be alert and tackle all the problems. To stay awake, you should avoid overeating and heavy foods because they can make you sleepy and sluggish. So forget about burgers, pizzas, doughnuts. While those foods are convenient, they will only slow you down. Also, if you want to have more free time on moving day, you should prepare food in advance. Let’s go over each meal.

The first meal of the day is breakfast. Breakfast needs to wake you up and fuel you until lunch. If you drink coffee every day when you wake up, you should not break that ritual. When it comes to what to eat, there are different options we are going to give two. The first options are oats. They are easy to make. You can put them in your fridge the night before and in the morning have overnight oats. Put your favorite fruits in the oats. The second options are eggs. You can fire or boiled them the night before. Both of these breakfast options are filling and will sustain you until lunch. 

an image of six brown eggs and a whisk, read about what to eat and wear on a moving day
If you do not what to eat on a moving day, choose eggs.

The second meal is lunch. One meal you can make for lunch is sandwiches. You can make them in advance and not worry about them. If you choose the right ingredients, you can make them healthy. Use whole-wheat bread and use healthy meat, for example, chicken with many vegetables, leave out the sauces. The second meal is a salad. Pack the salad in your food storage container and make the dressing. When you are hungry, slather the dressing over the salad and enjoy. To keep your food from spoiling, get the right storage boxes

By dinner, you will have probably arrived at your destination, relax and order out. 

What to wear on a moving day

When it comes to clothes on a moving day, the crucial word is comfort. Choose the clothes in which you are most comfortable. You might have to pack last minute. But if you want to avoid that, consider using a professional packing service. If you are traveling to your destination by car, you can go in your sweats no problem. However, if you are going on a plane, you should be presentable. The best options for the aircraft are regular fit clothes that won’t suffocate you. 

a woman looking at clothes
Choose regular fit clothing.


These are our tips on what to eat and wear on a moving day. If you follow them, you will be comfortable with your relocation. When you finally arrive at your new place, you might want to organize a home renovation to make it feel like home.

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