Hey, New Yorkers, if you are thinking about moving, we are here to aid you. To achieve a perfect move, you need reliable movers. Yet, you do not want to hire them for all of your relocation tasks. The most strenuous and expensive task of any relocation is packing. So, before you hire someone to help, you need to take every detail into account. Read about what to consider before using a professional packing service.

The first thing to consider before using a professional packing service is listing all of your items.

To have an idea of what pacing up your stuff will look like, make an inventory.

Now how do you make a comprehensive inventory?

The first thing you have to decide is whit what you are going to take your notes. There is the traditional and trusty notebook and pen. The notebook and pen are inexpensive and will do the job. If you do not like dealing with technologies, this is your best option. Make sure that your writing is neat because you do not want to struggle with reading it.

an image of a notebook and the beginning of a plan before using a professional packing service
Notebooks and pens should be considered before using a professional packing service

New Yorkers who are tech-savvy and are ready to leave the old doings behind, the phone is your friend. If you are an android user or an iPhone user, it does not matter. Your phones all have a built-in note-taking app. These simple applications will make note-taking easier, and you will not misplace them. You will not lose your notes because nobody today goes anywhere without their phone. 

When you have decided on the note-taking method, the second thing you need to do is create a note-taking system. The system does not have to be complicated but convenient. The system should make note-taking more comfortable and more systematic. We recommend taking notes by room. For example, make a header called – Kitchen, and list all the items in the kitchen. A competent inventory of your household items will make moving and packing less of a hassle. Also, you will know what items need moving insurance.

The second thing to consider before employing a professional packing service is purging.

Decluttering, purging, tossing, use whatever terms you want, but you must do it. Purging your household items is a significant task that. It can affect if you hire movers and how much you pay them. The list you made before will help you with decluttering effectively. When you have decluttered, then you can think about hiring usantini.com to help you get relocated. Any New Yorker will be happy with their moving services. They offer an arrangement of services from residential relocations to storage units.

Follow our note-taking system. Now you can go into each room with your notes and think about what things you will not need in your new home. You do not have to decide on your items right away. Set them aside in a corner and ponder on them. Maybe you have some belongings dear to you but are long past their due when you are positive about your decision. It’s time to declutter.

How to declutter?

  • One of the things to consider before using a professional packing service is to throw away your things. Throwing away things is manageable and fast.
  • But the better option when decluttering is to sell your items. You can organize a garage sale in New York and make money on household items you were about to toss. A garage sale is a quick option. Yet, there is another option that is not as quick and needs planning. And that is selling your stuff on the internet. You might have to mail some of your things. Consider selling to people from New York with the Big Apples’ excellent transportation system you won’t have a problem meeting up.
  • The most benevolent option is to donate your items to a local homeless shelter. Many of the people there will appreciate it.
clothes on a rack
Give your old clothes to those in need.

The third thing to consider before employing a professional packing service is an estimate

Finally, before hiring movers to help you with your packing, you need to make an estimate in advance because a New York City move can be costly. Estimating will help you adjust your budget. Now, let’s explain what New York movers take into account when pricing their services.

For most movers in NYC, the significant factor when estimating the price of a move is the weight and volume of the cargo. That is why we recommend making an inventory and decluttering before you go for an estimate. Because the fewer items you have, the less you will pay. Some movers will estimate your price based on the number of workers and the number of hours.

The second crucial factor movers think about when deciding on a price is the length of the relocation. So, depending on where you are moving, it will cost more. For example, the least expensive move is a move in the confines of NYC. The most pricey move is an international move.

These are the three most significant factors to take into account when estimating your relocation.

A couple doing their bills
Calculate your moving cost before hiring


Now that you know, you need to declutter. And the most crucial aspect affecting the price of your move, you need to decide on your budget.

The budget you are can pay your movers is up to you. Moving cross-country might mean that you won’t be able to afford professional packers. Any guide to moving will recommend you to choose the most helpful services. So if you have to choose between transporting your items cross-country or packing – transporting is more beneficial, pack your stuff alone. These are our things to consider before using a professional packing service. Good luck with your relocation!

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