Many companies, and also NYC-based companies are interested in expanding to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general. Naturally, you have to be prepared when moving from the states to another continent as you’ll experience quite a different culture. Aside from learning how to prepare for the move by reading our New York family’s guide on moving to Saudi Arabia, you need to find on your own a couple of things about their culture.

A giant leap

Not everyone is willing or ready to make such a big step in their life; however, those who do need all the help they can get. Saudi Arabia is great job-wise, full of opportunities, and it’s not much different in other spheres of life. Saudi Arabia differs in many ways from the U.S., so it’s good to know what to expect. For instance, their climate is way different than ours. Then, there are religious restrictions that you have to be acquainted with, and so on. Let’s see what you should do in short:

  • You have to apply for a visa a couple of months prior to the move
  • Once your visa is ready, you should buy or rent a home
  • Put all the necessary documents in one place (some of them you’ll have to acquire from a head master, doctor, etc.)
  • Learn more about the process of moving your belongings
  • Find a reputable moving company and get a free moving estimate
  • Note people about your leave
  • Start decluttering, find packing supplies and materials, and start packing.

Guide on moving to Saudi Arabia: New York edition

First and foremost is applying for a visa. Without your whole family having a visa, you won’t be able to enter the country. Waiting for a permit is sometimes a long and exhausting process. Therefore, our advice is to apply as soon as possible. A few months prior to a moving day is ideal.

A passport and a suitcase you need for moving to Saudi Arabia.
You also need to have passports and a visa, so obtain them on time.

Needless to say, you also need to have passports. If someone from a family doesn’t have one or it has expired, you need to act in the same manner. Handling documents is always a long way to go, so the sooner you start, the sooner it will be over.

Guide on moving to Saudi Arabia: find an apartment

As we found out from our experts from Company Listing NYC, ex-pats in Saudi Arabia live in apartments. The thing is that foreigners don’t purchase a home in most cases. That’s simply the policy in Saudi Arabia. Once you get a visa, you’ll be able to check out the apartment in person. That is another reason for getting your passports and visas as soon as possible.

Gather all the documents

You need to place all important documents in one place. These are crucial for starting anew in Saudi Arabia. Some of the documents you’ll bring with you are as follows:

  • visa
  • passport
  • work permit
  • birth certificates
  • academic records
  • medical records
  • international health insurance
  • marriage certificate
  • social security documents

Guide to moving to Saudi Arabia: moving belongings

The next step in the New York family’s guide to moving to Saudi Arabia is deciding how you will move your belonging. More precisely, there is one way to move your items, and that is through logistics services, actually, air freight. You should take the time to learn about the process as you probably don’t have experience with moving abroad. Moreover, it’s essential to choose the right people to assist with the move, so put your effort into it. 

Cargo planes as a means of transport when moving from New York to Saudi Arabia
Learn about the process of transporting belongings when moving abroad.

The costs

You probably don’t know how much it costs to move abroad, and surely you would like to know. What can help you in getting a pretty good idea on moving costs is getting a free moving quote. Of course, there are other moving expenses when buying moving supplies, materials, and others. Getting a moving estimate is great for creating a budget plan.

Find experts to assist you

As stated earlier, finding the right help is crucial when prepping up to relocate from New York to Saudi Arabia. You should invest time in searching for the right assistance and investigating would-be movers. Four Winds KSA, for instance, are one of the most reputable moving companies there is. To find out more on the topic of checking the reliability and the level of professionalism of a potential moving company, skim through our other pages, and voila!

The moment you are positive that a would-be company is the one, contact them. You should tell them everything that the move implies, ask them necessary questions, and agree on a moving date. It’s good to write a list of questions prior to this. Before you hire them, you can always visit their site to get a moving quote and see if you can afford the move.

Let other people know that you’re leaving the country

When leaving New York for Saudi Arabia, there are many institutions you should notify about your plans, such as school, bank, post office, etc. When you get to your final destination, you literally begin anew. You’ll have to find your new doctor, dentist, school, college, or university for your children, etc. It goes without saying that you’ll inform your friends and broader family.

Update written in white latters
When moving from New York to Saudi Arabia, make sure to notify everyone that you are supposed to.

Start packing for the big day

We’ll now break down the process of packing into a few steps:

  • Decluttering
  • Getting packing supplies and materials
  • Packing itself

First, you have to decide what you don’t need to carry all the way to Saudi Arabia. When you do that, think about what you will do with such belongings. Options range from simply tossing to donating and selling. Should you go for selling, you can spend money earned on moving supplies and materials. On our site, you can also find out which are the best materials to use.

Plus, you can learn how to pack properly. Once you acquire the necessary knowledge, start packing. After that, preparations for moving to Saudi Arabia are near an end. Now, fasten your belts and enjoy the ride.

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