The newcomer’s guide to West Point, NY

West Point is not only about military academies. Although it's worldwide famous, there is a lot more that this neighborhood can offer. West Point is located in Orange County and has a population of over 6700. The climate is humid and continental with four distinct seasons, which is considered to be very healthy. We can show you a guide to West Point in two sections - before moving in and what to do when you do move in.

Your personal guide to West Point

If you like living in New York but the city noise and crowd is not for you, this is the perfect place for you. Even if you ever feel the need to be where the main events and hip happenings are in NY, you are one train ride away. The costs of living are not low, this is still New York so the prices are accordingly. The same goes for renting and buying a place.

Living in any part of New York can be quite expensive. Moving to West Point

When moving anyplace, you need to prepare accordingly. Discuss …

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Ways to explore Pearl River with your family

If you have finished the process of preparing for moving to NYC with your family and it is over, congratulations on that! Living in NYC with your family has a lot of benefits and you can be sure that you will enjoy this beautiful city. A good thing is that you can always find some activities to do and you can never be bored. In this case, we will talk about the ways to explore Pearl River with your family. Pearl River is located in Rockland County, NY. So, let's find out what you can do in this place with your family!

What are the ways to explore Pearl River with your family?

Once you decide to go and explore Pear River, these are the places that you should visit with them:

Bronx Zoo. - This is one of the primary ways to explore Pear River with your family. If your kids love animals and zoos, this is the perfect spot!Little Italy shopping tour. - Shopping lovers should take this tour. This will also help you to better meet the place.Hip Hop dance classe…
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Why are NYC-based companies interested in expanding to Saudi Arabia?

Are you interested in expanding your business abroad? It may seem difficult at first sight, but knowing some facts can help you make a profitable decision. This very year diplomats and state representatives from Saudi Arabia invited American-based companies to expand their businesses to the largest state on the Arabian Peninsula dubbed the heart of the Arab and Islamic world. Although the two countries already have a strong economic relationship, there is still a great number of opportunities for American companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, read this article to find out why NYC-based companies are expanding to Saudi Arabia.

Vision 2030

Where do we start? Let's begin with the official Saudi national development plan called Vision 2030. It surely sounds ambitious, right? It does and it is. One of the Saudi state representatives said in a recent interview: "With Vision 2030, we're opening up to the world". In other words - Saudi Arabia is rapidly …

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A handy guide for New Yorkers who think about moving to Boise

Living in New York has its bright sides. Many people, and enough of everything – cultural, music and movie events, parks, night clubs. A very lively city with active night and day life, a selection of companies, restaurants, and shops that go beyond your imagination. It’s got something for everybody. The city that never sleeps. But you do. So why not consider moving to Boise?

The crowd, costs of everyday life, the rush. It all has become just a little too much for you. You’re getting tired and grumpy. So you’re thinking about moving somewhere quieter, less crowded and even cheaper. Say no more. We’ve got a place for you. Welcome to Boise, Idaho. If you want to enjoy nature, but also have a diverse social life, without being stuck in traffic, then moving to Boise is a thing to do.

Make sure to provide what you need to pack everything. A city of diversities

Though considered to be a potato enthusiasts’ city, it surely won’t turn you into a couch pota…

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Buyer’s guide to Chelsea, NYC

Bring some color into your life and make some changes. Above all, your lifestyle can be turned into a fun and wild fairytale if you move to New York. You will be in the center of the action, always surrounded by something new, innovative, and fun. Rich nightlife and countless daily activities will greet you in the heart of Manhattan, in the Chelsea. This is an urban oasis of New York City, and it is a great time to invest in real estate in that part of town. We have a great buyer's guide to Chelsea with smart tips on how to find your part of paradise.

Expect everything

If you are looking for a quiet place to live, Chelsea is not for you. It is a vibrant neighborhood, full of life and good energy. It is sandwiched between the West Village and the Hudson Yards, and it is a place in Manhattan where people actually live life. 

Embrace this new feeling

Full of street art, with new places on every corner but, if you wander into the side streets you …

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How to grow an eco-friendly balcony

If you have looked at the buyer's guide to top-notch locations in NYC or you have bought a place somewhere else, congratulations on that! When you have finally achieved to buy your own place, it is a huge step. Now, it comes the most interesting part, which is called renovating and improving your living space. Keep in mind that for this process, you have to take your time. In this case, we are going to present to you some useful tips that will help you to grow an eco-friendly balcony. By having this type of balcony, not only that you will give your contribution, but you will also make your balcony beautiful and relaxed.

To grow an eco-friendly balcony, do the following things

Now, when you have finished the process that is called My NYC moving story and you have finally moved to the Big Apple, here is how to make your balcony an eco-friendly one:

Have a detailed plan. - Like for every process, you have to create a detailed plan. When you want to grow a…
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Why should young artists from Miami try their luck in NYC this year

There is a saying that everybody should live in NYC at least once in their lifetime, especially if you're a young artist. But, do you wonder why is that? Well, here are some reasons why should young artists from Miami try their luck in NYC this year.

Many creatives and artists are moving to start a new life in NYC. Most of them relocate here because they need to be there to succeed in a career. All art giants are located in NYC. So, moving to NYC as a young artist from Miami is sometimes a must because the jobs are here. But, sometimes is a wish to experience new things. Here's why young artists from Miami should try their luck in NYC this year.

New York offers many opportunities for young artists from Miami. 1. Young artists from Miami have more chances to find a job 

NYC offers many job opportunities for young artists. So, it's almost impossible not to find the job of your dreams in this city. This is one of the reasons why sh…

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Family move from LA to NYC: 3 challenges to overcome

Performing a family move from LA to NYC is a huge undertaking. Besides organization, communication, and planning. there are other things to do. Such as worrying about keeping everything together, managing kids, and adjusting to the new home. 

Moving with a family is chaotic and it tends to lead to some unique complications. So, when you prepare for moving to NYC with family, make sure you know how to anticipate and overcome these complications. This is essential if you want to have a successful family move from La to NYC. Here are 3 family-specific challenges you’ll face during the move and how to overcome them.

Learn how to overcome challenges when you perform a family move from LA to NYC. 1 - Family move from LA to NYC - Challenge of staying ahead of the schedule

There are some things you can do to overcome this challenge. 

Careful planning. Make sure your moving plan is extensive and detailed. Have a specific to-do lis…
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Reasons to relocate your NYC company to Japan

The land of the rising sun or the city that never sleeps? Many ex-pats are wondering what it would be like to run a company in Japan. However, relocating a business is not that simple as it sounds. There are many things you should consider before making such a decision. Location, timing, finances, and other factors will determine every commercial relocation. However, if you're thinking about Japan, you're in the right place. This article will show you all the reasons why you should relocate your NYC company to Japan, and be sure this is the path to success.

New opportunities

When you start thinking about leaving NYC, it's all about the change. Even though it can be terrifying, you should be aware of all the benefits. Moving your company to Japan will surely give you access to some new business opportunities. NYC is a great place that offers a lot, but sometimes, a successful move is related to a big change of environment. Very often business owners complain ab…

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Prepare your NYC moving budget like a professional – tips and tricks

Are you moving to NYC any time soon? It is not a secret that living in NYC is not cheap, so every cent is important. Prepare your NYC moving budget in advance and know how much money you can spend and how much money you will need for moving to NYC and to a new life there. You can move to New York on a budget and save money, you only need to find ways to cut some of the moving costs. Not only on moving, but after moving too.

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