Once you move from NYC to Miami you will need to adapt to a whole different state, weather, food, and people too! That is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a different state and everything is completely different. But people very often relocate from NYC to Florida and there is a reason for that! Some of those people are seniors looking to retire which this state is perfect for but more and more you can see young professionals moving here especially in Miami!

Once you move from NYC to Miami you will never need boots again!

The weather is something you will need to adapt to and deal with. Even though it’s perfect for hot weather fans, people with respiratory problems might find it challenging since it’s very humid during winter. But you will never have to wear all those bulky jackets, scarves, boots and such! That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of them of course. You just won’t use them in Miami but you might want to go somewhere during the winter to use your off days skiing or something similar. So pack your winter clothes and find a good facility for excess items in order to keep them safe until you need them once again!

A girl in her boots on the snow as once you move from NYC to Miami you won't use your winter boots!
You no longer need those chunky boots!

Miami will go easier on your wallet than NYC

As we said not all changes will be bad! Here is a great one. Miami is one of the most expansive cities in Florida but if you compare it to NYC it’s very affordable. For the price you once paid for a small apartment in NYC you can get a decent house here so yeah – your life will get quite comfortable. You will be able to enjoy a better lifestyle or to save a lot more money. Depending on what you think is better for you and for your family. It’s not just real estate prices that are different all the prices are lower here. We are guessing this won’t be so hard for you to deal with.

Beach life

Of course, there are beaches in New York but they are nothing like the beaches you will soon enjoy on your own or with your family. Those beaches are like from the postcard. The water is great and this is something you need to see for yourself since there are no words that can describe the experience you will have enjoying the sunsets under the palms soon enough.

Miami beach
Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches in the states.

People in Florida are different

When you compare the way of life in New York and in Florida – well it’s very different. People are more relaxed here and more friendly. You might not be used to that but you will very soon. And you should. But before you start meeting your next-door neighbors you should unpack first. The sooner the better. You don’t want all those ugly moving boxes laying around for weeks. If you are way too tired, you can join forces with teams nearby and they will gladly help you with unpacking and settling in. This is what local movers are here for – to help out! So start the unpacking process quickly so you can befriend your new neighbors later.

There is no New York hassle

Once you move from NYC to Miami you will soon realize that you will not find that New York hassle even though you are in a big city. There is no city like New York and Miami does sleep at night. The nightlife even though it’s quite good will not be the same and you will need to deal with this. If you want to live in the center of entertainment you need to be in New York. If that is not an important factor for you then you won’t mind it. Also when it comes to diversity of people, religions, food, and just about everything else – nothing can replace New York City.

How to adapt to a new lifestyle and what to do when you feel homesick?

You might have noticed that we wrote “when you feel homesick” instead of “if you feel homesick”. That’s because it’s perfectly normal to feel homesick after you move from NYC to Miami. This is a big change and you will need some time to adapt and deal with the fact that everything is different now. But there are things that can help. For example, if you organize for yourself a stress-free moving experience you will feel much better. You can do that by hiring movers like promoversmiami.com as they also can help with settling in.

All those things will help you start your new life easier. You can stay in contact with your friends and family using apps like Skype or FaceTime to stay in touch. Also, decorate your new place just the way you wanted to – that will make you feel more at home.

A girl enjoying life in Miami
It’s ok if you feel nostalgic sometimes. You will soon feel at home here as well.

Things that you will find enjoyable in your new life in your new city

Obviously, you will love the prices, that is a no-brainer. But you will soon learn to love the more peaceful way of life, especially if you choose one of Miami’s suburbs. They can be so charming and peaceful. Beaches are also another no-brainer. But the food here is also something amazing. Because this city is under a lot of Latin influence you will find some delicious food everywhere you go.

Good luck with your upcoming move from NYC to Miami, we know that this will be a major lifestyle change for you but we are also sure that you will love it and adapt quickly. After all, that is the reason why so many people are coming here – to enjoy the differences. Don’t worry, day by day you will feel less homesick.

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