6 reasons why millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire

For quite some time, economists speak about New Hampshire as a location to be for young adults pursuing their careers. The situation with the mainly aging population in the area is getting considerably different. Hence, we have decided to present you with the main reasons why millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire. Find out whether it is time for you to move to this location as well.

#1 Location is why New Yorkers love New Hampshire

The distance between New Hampshire and the mountains, the coast, Boston, and Vermont is one hour. The Northeastern location of the state, which is surrounded by Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, is perfect, and it also has stunning views and easy access to wildlife. New York City is also very reachable by car from New Hampshire. Today, a lot of people opt to live and work in New Hampshire. Each of its seven different and varied regions has something to offer.

#2 There are no sales or income taxes in New Hampshir…
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Why New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement

Today Canada seems alike a coveted place. It seems that its natural beauty. lifestyle and nature are the biggest reason people from all over the world are moving here. Furthermore, Canada seems to accept these ex-pats with open arms. Among the many reasons that people find for moving to Canada, retirement is one that is at the top of the list. It seems that this great state is a magnet for retirees, especially from NYC. So let's see about the reasons New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement. We should learn just why besides many US cities for retiring Canada still has the ability to attract American seniors.

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6 reasons why New Yorkers decide to move to Columbus, Ohio

If you think that a move to Columbus, Ohio might be a good idea we are here to support you! Many New Yorkers did the same thing and you won't hear them complaining. There is no denying that NYC is the most spectacular city (maybe in the whole world) but there are some downsides to living there. Some people don't want to live like that and decide to find something safer, more peaceful, and more affordable. But we will talk about those reasons later in the text. Before we do that we wanted to tell you that we also know who can give you a hand once you decide to relocate from New York to Ohio.

#1 Let's start with the most obvious one

The cost of living in Columbus is lower than in other major cities of a similar size, like San Francisco. It's cheaper than Austin, or St. Louis, and it's much cheaper than NYC obviously but we wanted to compare it to cities that are of similar size first.  You will be glad to hear that  Columbus has an 11% lower cost …

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Tips for making your new Manhattan apartment feel like home

If you just bought for yourself a Manhattan apartment first of all - congratulations! Not many people can do that. So, before you do anything you should celebrate your success and the fact that you have a new home. The hard part can wait a bit.

After you are done celebrating

After you are done celebrating and enjoying the moment you need to buckle up and prepare for the hard work. There is so much to do starting from your relocation. That is your first step, after all, moving into your new Manhattan apartment. To do that hassle-free it's best to hire professional movers.

It's important to celebrate this huge success. Hiring professional movers

If you hire professionals like Teddy Moving and Storage they can help you to unpack and settle in quickly. That means there will be no ugly moving boxes laying around and you can start making your new place home by decorating and furnishing. You can't do that until you unpack.

If you have some extra…
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