For quite some time, economists speak about New Hampshire as a location to be for young adults pursuing their careers. The situation with the mainly aging population in the area is getting considerably different. Hence, we have decided to present you with the main reasons why millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire. Find out whether it is time for you to move to this location as well.

#1 Location is why New Yorkers love New Hampshire

The distance between New Hampshire and the mountains, the coast, Boston, and Vermont is one hour. The Northeastern location of the state, which is surrounded by Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, is perfect, and it also has stunning views and easy access to wildlife. New York City is also very reachable by car from New Hampshire. Today, a lot of people opt to live and work in New Hampshire. Each of its seven different and varied regions has something to offer.

#2 There are no sales or income taxes in New Hampshire

So it comes as no surprise that New Hampshire’s tax system is a major attraction for homebuyers. It is the only state without a tax on income from wages or salaries. Instead, only income from interest and dividends is subject to the state’s flat 5% individual tax. Starting in 2023, the state gradually eliminates the interest and dividend tax by 1 percentage point annually until it is completely gone by 2027. And after that, there won’t be any state income tax. Additionally, there are no local or state sales taxes in New Hampshire. Compared to New Hampshire, California charges an additional 7% on everything you buy.

#3 Millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire because of its weather

New Hampshire has four stunning seasons, and it is amazing in each of them. Sand beaches and a long coastline make the seacoast lovely in the summertime. In the fall, the Kangamagus Highway is breathtaking. The orange, red, and yellow leaves that cover the trees throughout these months draw tourists and residents of New Hampshire from all over the nation. The state may be covered in snow throughout the winter. Skiers and snowboarders are drawn to the mountains because they are so charming, and small villages like North Conway. With a view of the white mountains, the town is full of stores and eateries. As the temperatures rise and the leaves start to emerge in the spring, New Hampshire comes to life.

#4 Significant Employers are in New Hampshire

And that’s according to the unemployment rate. People have a lot of employers to keep them busy. Some of the well-known brands are Oracle, Fidelity, UPS, and BAE Systems. However, there are also some locally based employers. Additionally, they are among the largest in the state based on number of employees. We hope that this is convincing you to take the next step, start thinking about where to find free moving supplies, and then get down to organizing your relocation. The number of employees are many, like Timberland, a well-known manufacturer of outdoor and athletic clothing. Dartmouth College is another. And the educational system at the University of New Hampshire is a collection of public colleges and institutions spread out around the state. They are yet another benefit of residing in New Hampshire.

Many Activities Are Available in New Hampshire

Following your relocation to New Hampshire, ideally after buying a property here, you need to get familiar with the state and all of its attractions. In New Hampshire, a few of the most well-liked activities and destinations are as follows:

  • Waterfalls, lovely drives, and spectacular views can all be found on Mount Washington. This popular site offers a lot of activities.
  • One of the nicest beaches in the nation is located at Hampton Beach State Park. It’s a fantastic spot to unwind and enjoy outdoor activities like camping, fishing, swimming, and picnics.
  • Ice Castles is a fantastic frozen attraction that features tunnels made of ice, frozen thrones, fountains, and LED-lit sculptures.

Millennial New Yorkers who already live in New Hampshire will advise you to visit the well-known cities of Manchester, Concord, and Portsmouth.

A waterfall in New Hampshire;
The most beautiful scenery awaits in New Hampshire.

Being a millennial who wants to move to New Hampshire, you need a proper moving help

Moving is frequently associated with stress, time-consuming administrative duties, and significant time and financial waste. We warmly encourage you to learn more about freely available moving tools:

  • Rent a moving vehicle, find storage, or schedule movers.
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Another thing you can do is check out and find out by yourself additional information about New Hampshire and its perks.

Two professional movers and a moving van.
Movers will be at your service throughout everything you need for moving from NYC to New Hampshire.

#5 New Hampshire has Top Locations to Live

You and your partner ought to think about relocating to Portsmouth. It is one of New Hampshire’s most exciting cities. It features lively nightlife, fantastic cuisine options, a low crime rate, and a low unemployment rate. Hanover might be a good option for your family. Hanover is the perfect spot to raise a family because it is a lovely and secure environment. There are many excellent employment prospects, good housing options, and some of the best public schools in the country. You should take into account relocating to Hanover if you are single. The esteemed Dartmouth College, which is located in Hanover, is a major lure for young professionals. Hanover has high security and amazing job opportunities as we previously mentioned.

#6 Millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire for its numerous lakes, beaches, mountains, and forests

New Hampshire is a haven for those who love being outside. There are over 270 lakes and ponds in the New Hampshire Lakes Region. There are 18 miles of beachfront along New Hampshire’s seacoast where surfers can catch waves all year long. On a hot summer day, you can enjoy watersports like water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, and boating at the beautiful beaches. Enjoying this, you won’t even be bothered by the reasons why young professionals are leaving NYC. Close to 50 mountains in New Hampshire are higher than 4,000 feet, offering hikers difficult terrain and breathtaking scenery. About 80 percent of New Hampshire’s territory is covered in forests, and the state is full of natural wonders.

A millennial girl enjoying New Hampshire;
Being in New Hampshire will make you instantly fall in love with beaches

In conclusion

To sum it all up, why millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire is subjective. But, after reading this article, we are sure you will be one step closer to doing exactly the same thing.

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