If you think that a move to Columbus, Ohio might be a good idea we are here to support you! Many New Yorkers did the same thing and you won’t hear them complaining. There is no denying that NYC is the most spectacular city (maybe in the whole world) but there are some downsides to living there. Some people don’t want to live like that and decide to find something safer, more peaceful, and more affordable. But we will talk about those reasons later in the text. Before we do that we wanted to tell you that we also know who can give you a hand once you decide to relocate from New York to Ohio.

#1 Let’s start with the most obvious one

The cost of living in Columbus is lower than in other major cities of a similar size, like San Francisco. It’s cheaper than Austin, or St. Louis, and it’s much cheaper than NYC obviously but we wanted to compare it to cities that are of similar size first.  You will be glad to hear that  Columbus has an 11% lower cost of living than the U.S. average. This is a great place to save some money.  If you’re moving here from another major city like NYC, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that everyday costs are lower and your money goes much further. That is one of the main reasons why New Yorkers find this city so attractive. You will still live in a big city but it’s so much more affordable. Hey, you can get a bigger place to live here, how cool is that?

A person holding money for a move to Columbus.
The costs are often the first thing we have to consider. If you decide to move to Columbus, your wallet will thank you.

#2 You will see more nature here

The air is less polluted. That is always a plus. Those looking to get in touch with nature will find numerous opportunities to do so in Columbus. There are over 240 miles of great trails and over 28,500 acres of greenery in the 19 great natural area parks that make up the Metro Parks system in seven counties in central Ohio. Even in densely populated places like Downtown, open spaces such as The Scioto Mile along the river and the Columbus Commons, where you may relax in the grass and listen to a concert, are readily available. Many New York seniors love this place because of its nice nature. It beats the concrete. Since we are talking about nature there is one more exciting piece of news!

#3 This is a dog-friendly city

Pets (especially dogs) are important to Columbus. Many people’s four-legged best companions live in the city and freely explore its sidewalks and green spaces. Yours could too. There are several dog-friendly patios in the city, and local shops like Jeni’s Ice Cream even sell sweets specifically for canine companions. If you’re looking for a place to live that allows pets – this is a place for you.

A dog peaking
Your dog will love it here.

#4 You will have plenty of great job opportunities here as well

You will also have less competition especially if you decide to start a business here. Starting a business in NYC is really tough. Columbus’s diversified economy has allowed it to maintain a high job growth rate relative to other Midwestern cities. Considering its ranking as one of the nation’s top 100 metropolitan regions, Columbus is a good choice for people who want to relocate while still feeling secure in their jobs.

In addition to Ohio University and government employment, the city also features numerous industries across a wide range of fields, drawing in residents from all over the world. Intel’s decision to locate its new factory in Columbus has recently made headlines in the tech world. It’s expected to create more than 3,000 new positions in the region. If you’re thinking about relocating to Columbus, you won’t have any trouble obtaining a job within a fair amount of time because of the wide range of industries represented there. New York is not the only place for young professionals. Many of them will find a good job here faster. It’s important to have all the facts before you decide to relocate.

#5 You will find an apartment easily here

It’s no secret that finding an apartment in NYC is difficult. It’s also no secret that finding an apartment for a reasonable price is almost impossible. River & Rich and Luxe 23 offer urban living, while Albany Glen, Asherton, and Cumberland Links provide quieter suburban options. No matter which agency you choose you will be able to find a great place for you.  Columbus is experiencing a building boom, so you can be sure to find a place to live that meets all of your needs. If you’re thinking about making the move to Central Ohio, you should check out Zillow.com to see so many stunning houses located all throughout Columbus. Zillow is not the same as hiring a realtor but you will get a much better picture and you will see the prices.

A woman sitting in an armchair and reading a magazine
There is one more thing you need to know! Keep reading.

#6 This is a fun place

Nightlife is not as it is in NYC but this is a fun place and there is so much to see, do and explore here. You will find a few amazing restaurants, breweries, and festivals here no matter when you decide to move. Columbus has certain unique attractions that can’t be found anywhere else. Not even in NYC. You can find never-ending sites to discover, from the world’s largest ropes course in the world to a massive art and also some great mixed reality playgrounds.

As you can see if you decide to move to Columbus you will live in a nice and affordable place that is better suited for raising kids or even retirement.

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