Today Canada seems alike a coveted place. It seems that its natural beauty. lifestyle and nature are the biggest reason people from all over the world are moving here. Furthermore, Canada seems to accept these ex-pats with open arms. Among the many reasons that people find for moving to Canada, retirement is one that is at the top of the list. It seems that this great state is a magnet for retirees, especially from NYC. So let’s see about the reasons New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement. We should learn just why besides many US cities for retiring Canada still has the ability to attract American seniors.

Why move to Canada

Canada is among some of the most welcoming countries in the world. It is a beautiful place with a lot to see and do. With its strong economy, it is a place with promising business prospects. It has a great schooling and healthcare system. this is a place that is safe and affordable that provides a good lifestyle and quality of life. These are the main reasons people choose to move here. As you can see the environment of Canada is great for professionals looking for good business and career opportunities. With much to offer it is also great for families.

Person holding a dollar bill
The cost of living is much lower while its quality is higher

In addition, a lot of seniors move here every year. Part of the reason is the more affordable lifestyle but that is not the only reason. Seniors especially the ones from NYC seem to prefer Canada for a great many reasons. Although some may be more obvious than others we should strive to define just why New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement.

From New York to Canada

Well, after living your whole life in New York City Canada can bring a much-needed change of pace for seniors in their retirement. Many of them find NYC too fast, noisy, and crowded to bear in their senior years. This is why many seniors decide that they need a change of pace and quieter surroundings to enjoy retirement. What better place to choose for this than Canada? Canada is certainly an inviting place with a lot to offer but let’s be clear about all of the reasons to retire there

  • Low cost of living
  • Cheap quality healthcare
  • Safety
  • Good infrastructure
  • Proximity to the US
  • Sense of Freedom

Cost of living

The cost of living in Canada is almost 2% lower than in the US. This means that US residents can make their retirement easier as their pensions can last a little longer. This is one of the factors of moving for retirement seniors consider when deciding to move. Compared to NYC the difference is even more dramatic. NYC is notoriously expensive to live in especially if take housing or rent costs into account.

It is this cost that makes retiring in Canada from NYC worthwhile. Although Vancouver and Toronto can be expensive other places offer a much more reasonable housing prices. Places like Ottawa, Edvards Islands, etc provide a lot cheaper housing ppštipons and solutions. In addition, even US residents can buy property in Canada. this makes a good investment in their senior years as it allows them to have additional income from renting,

Seniors ina hospital - affordable healthcare is Why New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement
Quality Healthcare is much more affordable than in NYC

Cheap healthcare

Canada is also known for much cheaper healthcare. Although it is not a perfect system it still makes sense to take advantage of this fact. Us and NYC retirees can save a lot of their pension in Canada as medicines too are a lot cheaper. However, US retirees must have permanent residence in Canada which they can obtain after living there for at least a year. This is one of the reasons for moving to Canada after retirement.

If you do decide to move there then be sure that experts are at your disposal and are able to satisfy all of your senior moving needs. Whether you decide to move to Vancouver, Fredericton, Victoria, Ottawa, or Kelowna you will find experienced senior movers without any issues.


Canada is one of the safest places to live in the world. The crime rate in Canada is a lot lower than in the US and NYC. This makes it a place to live and feel relaxed. With this in mind, you should know that finding the perfect and safe place to live in is easy. Although bigger cities like Vancouver are expected to have a higher crime rate there are other cities to explore and settle in. So, just explore, Ottawa, Kelowna, Hamilton, and others to find the best and safest place for you and your family.


Canada has developed infrastructure in many different ways. the road network is well developed allowing seniors that are in active retirement to travel. It allows them to explore Canada and take enjoyment in all of the natural beauties this country has to offer. But infrastructure is also well developed technologically. Both Canada and the US share the technological infrastructure regarding the internet, cell phone coverage, and other perks. All of this makes adapting to the new environment a lot easier since there are many similarities and the same benefits to enjoy.


One other factor that allows seniors to comfortably retire in Canada is the proximity to the US. this makes it easy to stay in touch and keep active relations with your family in the US. Travel is easy and simple and the border procedures are simple and fast making traveling fast.

Senior lady on a bicycle
There is a lot to do and see in Canada


There is a strong sense of freedom that you can have in Canada. This great state today has a higher index of freedom than even the US. Although the US boasts its sense of democracy and freedom it seems that neighboring Canada can provide even more. This allows US retirees to enjoy all of the freedoms possible and to a certain extent even more than in their homeland.

A lot of reasons why New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement

There are a lot of reasons why New Yorkers move to Canada after retirement. We can only list a few that are of the utmost importance. But, if you are considering a move after your retirement makes sure to take Canada into account. After a closer look, you too may find that it is the perfect place to settle down and enjoy your retirement years.

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