Did you just get a new job or a promotion? Congratulations! You must have worked hard, and hard work pays off. Now, since you’re reading this, chances are that you’re preparing for a move. Are you moving to Brooklyn after a job relocation? Don’t fret, because there are a lot of tricks and tips that you can use to make this transition easier.

Deciding to leave everything behind, your lifestyle,¬†habits, friends, and family is never easy. Us humans tend to get attached to a place just the same as we would to a person. However, life’s about leaving your comfort zone and putting yourself out there! Continue reading to discover all the best tips and tricks on how to move to Brooklyn stress-free.

Step one: Getting to know Brooklyn

If you’re moving to Brooklyn from, say, Manhattan, you’re likely to hear a bunch of negative comments from your fellow Manhattanites. For people from Manhattan, Brooklyn is like moving back to your parent’s house in your small hometown. You might stumble upon these comments and reviews even if you currently live elsewhere.

A Brooklyn neighborhood with greenery

A typical Brooklyn neighborhood

This, of course, isn’t true, and you shouldn’t pay attention. While it is partially true that Brooklyn is like an older, more mature brother to the young Manhattan who is all party and no sleep, we shouldn’t generalize and take it all for granted. Brooklyn is an old part of the city that treasures and preserves that characteristic. Upon exploring its many neighborhoods, you’ll see that it’s a true multicultural area. Numerous ethnicities and generations call it home, and they’re eager to accept newcomers, so you’ll quickly feel like family.

Moving to Brooklyn also means that you’ll quickly discover its many, many nooks and crannies. They house galleries, museums, ateliers, quaint little coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and they’re yours to explore! The bottom line is – Brooklyn is a real treasure, an adventure waiting to happen.

Step two: Finding a new place to live

As we already said, this part of the city is much more welcoming if you’re a newcomer. Always check beforehand, but generally, it’s considered to be a safe area.

Another plus side to moving to Brooklyn is that it’s a lot cheaper than other parts of New York, particularly Manhattan. Of course, this always depends on your income, but you’re more likely to have a much bigger crib than you might expect.

While you’re searching for a place to live in Brooklyn, you should take into account every aspect of your new life. This includes whether you’ll be commuting to work somewhere closer or further, whether you’re moving alone, with a partner, family, or moving with a pet. There’s also another option, and it’s finding a roommate or more. Of course, this works only if you’re single, but it could be a smart way to meet and befriend new people. Also, sharing expenses is always a good thing. If you’ve always lived alone, maybe read what to expect when you’re living with a roommate.

Step 3: Packing & Moving to Brooklyn

When you’ve finally sorted out the little details such as finding a home, it’s time to pack your bags and hit the road! But, packing the bags can also be a tricky business. What can we say? Relocation isn’t a joke.

Now, the question is, what’s an effective moving technique? Here’s a checklist to begin with:

  • Get rid of all the clutter. You don’t need all those dust collecting thingies that hang around on the shelves.
  • Separate things into 4 categories: bring, toss, sell, donate. This way you’ll earn some extra cash, help others, and help yourself.
  • Pack only the essentials: clothes, some dishes, your favorite books, and favorite photos or other items that remind you of home and close people.
  • Remember: most of it is just stuff. Don’t let it control you and take your living space.
  • Be careful when you’re packing fragile things. You don’t want to unpack broken glasses and frames.
  • Try to keep it simple. It’s a big city. Try moving minimalism style.
  • By all means, label the boxes! It’ll save you unnecessary stressing over trying to remember where’s what.
Moving to Brooklyn - pack only what you'll need

Moving to Brooklyn – pack only the essentials.

Once you’re packed and ready to go, understand that relocation is something that shouldn’t be considered as easy as it might seem. In most cases, it’s best to hire professionals such as Champion Movers to make sure everything goes as planned, and save you from stress and headaches. This way, you can just ride to your new life without worrying about the safety of your stuff.

Step 4: Starting a new life in Brooklyn

You can finally relax: moving to Brooklyn is done! It’s about time you went out there and explored. Luckily, Brooklyn boasts literally hundreds of attractions which you get to see and experience. What’s great about this part of the city is that it’s not as calm and quiet as it may seem – someone is always partying! It’s still New York, after all.

For starters, you could join some social media platforms and groups that organize newcomers meetups every once in a while – this is an opportunity to taste the nightlife as well as meet people. It goes without saying that your new job means new colleagues, and don’t miss a chance to grab a beer or a latte after work now and then. When you start your life over in a new place, it’s inevitable that you’ll feel alone sometimes. But this shouldn’t mean that you’ll be lonely as well!¬†Again, put yourself out there and you’ll quickly find a new group of friends.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

It’s okay to behave like a tourist for the first several months (or years)! No one will blame you – people come visiting from all over the world to see Coney Island, the Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Bridge, of course. There’s just too many things to do and see – no reason to sit at home.

On one hand, it’s always difficult to uproot and decide to start your life over. On the other hand, life’s too short to spend it all in one place. So don’t worry – you’ve made a great decision! Make moving to Brooklyn your best decision yet.

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