Having a roommate has its pros and cons. Whether you are moving into a dorm or just renting an apartment with a roommate you will go through a lot of changes in your lifestyle and so will your roommate. Adjusting is a big part of living with a roommate and you never know what to expect. It isn’t always as they show it in movies.

Dorm roommate

Moving into a dorm means you most certainly don’t know a lot of people and there are small chances that you’ve already met your new roommate before. This also means that there are certain rules that all students on campus have to obey such as curfew, how many people can there be in one room etc. So not only do you have to adjust to those few things, but you also have to change your living habits as you are not alone in your own room. Usually, each dorm room has two, three and sometimes even four students of the same gender.

Living with a roommate - a helmet and a football ball

There are a lot of adjustments when you live with roommates

Let’s say there is three of you in a regular sized room. This means you have to keep your part of the room clean at all times. So no clothes on the bed, no books everywhere. Even if you are a naturally tidy person, small places get messy very quickly. And you really don’t want your roommates to consider you a  messy person. This is a bad personal trait that rarely who tolerates. And as you will be living with the same roommate for a long period of time you should do your best to avoid making any issues.

Being in a bad relationship with your roommate makes the dorm room feel unwelcome and unpleasant. Conflict will create negative tension between you and your roommate and from there, your relationship isn’t guaranteed to be good ever again. Try making your new roommate, a new best friend.

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Make your new roommate your new best friend

So how to make this experience as good as possible for all of you?

Conversation. Having conversations about your lives in a dorm room can create a strong bond between you and your roommate(s). Try to make showering schedules, make sure all of you have your own keys, make a group chat. Feel free to tell them your needs and habits and encourage them to do the same. Don’t worry if you find it difficult in the beginning. After you get used to it will be fun.

Another thing you will have to accept is that privacy is rare. As there is two or more of you and you are on campus, you will all spend a lot of your time in your rooms, studying or just relaxing. Whether you like it or not, this is what you must certainly expect. Some people don’t mind it at all, maybe you won’t either.

If you have any problems with a roommate, talk to them face to face. Don’t go around and gossip. Act like an adult. Another advice is to be kind and generous. If you are eating a snack, offer your roommate some too, they will appreciate it and they will certainly return the favor at some point.

Apartment roommate

Renting an apartment requires a lot of money and living with a roommate makes it a hundred times easier. Living in an apartment with a roommate means:

  • electricity bills
  • rent bills
  • food bills
  • water bills.

Which is perfect for students who don’t have a lot of money. Also, renting an apartment means you will be able to have some time for yourself and some amount of privacy as you and your roommate make up your own rules.  If you find it hard to make yourself feel comfortable in your new rented apartment, do what you can to make your rental feel more like home. That will certainly pay off quickly.

Another good thing about roommates is that they could become your best friend. And what is better than living with your BFF? On the other hand, they could make your life miserable if she/he is messy and inconsiderate. Having a bad roommate makes things uncomfortable and if you bottle your thoughts up will only make the situation worse. Be sure to set some boundaries. Tell them the things you will tolerate and which ones you won’t.

If you happen to have a pet, don’t expect your roommate to take care of it all the time. Once in a while, it is okay, but this is a big responsibility that should only be your concern. Instead, you should help your pet deal with the stress of moving. That will make all of your lives easier.

Make a deal about cleaning. One week you be the one to do it, and your roommate the week after that. Make things easier by using some cleaning hacks that you can find online.

 woman cleaning kitchen floors

Keep your apartment clean

What else?

You have to trust your roommate completely and for that to happen it will take some time. Avoid unnecessary drama in your apartment. Keep the atmosphere friendly and nice. Try being there for your roommate and having some understanding, it’s not easy living with someone you just met but this is a great way to learn some valuable lessons about life and people, in general. This experience will most certainly make you work harder and study so you can start renting your own apartment and living your normal life. Living with a roommate can be nice but it’s best when you’re on your own living however you want to.

A girl with a laptop

Work harder so you can live alone


In conclusion, there are many pros as well as many cons to living with a roommate. Being lucky plays a big role when you live in a dorm room. When having a roommate it’s important that you both be tidy and trustworthy as well as caring and adjustable. It all requires a lot of patience and tolerance from both sides, yours and theirs. Being open about your needs and habits will get you what you desire much easier.

By expecting everything you will have an easier time adjusting to living with a roommate and you will enjoy it more. In the end, you will have life experience and living alone will come so easy for you.

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