Moving to NYC? Since it is a universally expressed opinion that stress of moving can make you miserable, well, be sure to know that moving to NYC can make you even more so. But of course, it depends where you are moving from and to what part of NYC. Also, there is that question of what kind of lifestyle have you been leading so far.

The physical and emotional stress of packing your whole life into boxes is a breeze when you think of later having to unpack everything and start anew. Let alone the fact that there’s also the pain of navigating it all through a busy, busy maze that is New York. Relocating in or to New York needs to be planned, and that plan should be executed with a high level of flexibility. Our minimalism guide for a stress-free move will help you stay a headache-free during your relocation.

Pack books while moving to NYC minimalism style.

A practical way of packing books for a minimalism moving.

Why moving to NYC the minimalist way?

If you don’t already know what minimalism is, then moving to NYC is a great excuse to find out and even start practicing it, or at least partially. Here is the definition of minimalism as simple living by Wikipedia:

Simple living encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. These may include, for example, reducing one’s possessions, generally referred to as minimalism or increasing self-sufficiency. Simple living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they have rather than want.

Some people go even further with an idealistic philosophy of zero waste living, which is a no trash or one-use items policy where the ultimate goal for any homeowner is not to produce garbage that is going to end up in the incinerators, landfills or the ocean.

New York is the economic center of the world, and an incredibly busy city 24/7. You can get anything you want there night and day, but traffic, work and trying to socialize can be all-consuming. Time wise and otherwise. People practice minimalism in order to add some hours to their day and owning less means spending less on things you think you need. The time saved is used for pursuing hobbies, finding love or volunteering. You could say that minimalism is soul food.

A list of pros for a minimalist move

(There are no cons!) 

  • You will minimize the move by downsizing and simplifying your packing process, all the while doing the same for your unpacking process. Minimalism means minimum hassle!
  • Let your home breathe. Forget the consumerism induced hoarding mentality and cleanse your home so that with it you will be cleansing your family of built up stale energy. You will feel so much lighter and so much more ready for the move.
  • This way we protect the oceans. We care for the environment. Imagine a world with no landfills, just endless greenery and what more could you need? Certainly not those 12 extra pillows, or those plastic straws that you throw after one use, and definitely not 1000 items of clothing. Save space, save money, save the planet.

3 simple steps for a stress-free move

Prepare in advance and start decluttering early

  • Divide all your stuff into three sections: keep, sell, and donate. Do that early on, when you have free time, like during a weekend to avoid the last minute stress over packing. Moving to NYC means you’ll have everything at the reach of your hand (or a call). All hours of the day! Why bother with having so much stuff you only used once. Or you haven’t used them yet, but maybe you will soon. Don’t hoard, be generous with those who have less.
  • Start collecting boxes from your local grocery stores. This is minimalism 101. Recycle your way through packing for your move.
  • Bulky things that will not be moving to NYC with you must be dealt with by selling, or recycling. Check your city for a recycling center that takes care of broken electronics, mismatched cords, old refrigerators and similar items that cannot go in your recycling bin.

Book a reliable moving company. Ask around and try to find an eco-friendly moving company:

  • Ideally, you want to make one trip to your new home in just one truck! That means you did a great job decluttering and now you will be a headache free.
  • Try to think about fuel efficiency when moving to NYC and even carbon emission if possible.
  • Even though you are zero waste and minimalist by now, you will probably benefit from knowing a few things about moving insurance. Is it worth it, what does it cover? Find everything about it before moving to NYC.
  • Preparation for packing is 80% of the move, especially if you are going zero waste.
A person holding boxes is moving to NYC minimalism style.

Preparation for packing is 80% of the move, especially if you are going zero waste.

 Practical packing system

  • Towels are great for wrapping glass items.
  • Bedding can be used for TVs and bulky electronics.
  • Use old newspapers for fragile things and secure it with everything you can think of – even clothes.
  • Utilize laundry baskets as storage instead of boxes.
  • Tie your books with rope, there will be less trouble unpacking. You are welcome.
  • Make sure you take time to relax during this major project. Check out our tips on How to relax when moving.

A practical way of packing books for a minimalism moving. Trust us on this. It is also so much fun! Bonus advice is not to move during the major city event. 

Don’t move on the day of the marathon, a parade or a protest. May seem obvious, but many people don’t check for those events and made a beginner’s mistake of trying to navigate the city’s blocked streets with all their belongings stuck in a truck.

Bread, grapes and hands holding glasses with red whine.

Cheers to easy packing and moving for moving to NYC minimalism style.

Also, check the weather!

Owning fewer means easier relocation. Moving to NYC can be a breeze if you have a guide to minimalism. You should prepare well and have a checklist in advance. Having less stuff means you will be better organized and stress-free when unpacking. On the first day in your new home you could have a few friends over to help you unpack, and that very same night you could entertain them with a good bottle of wine. Cheers to that!

Cheers to easy packing and moving for moving to NYC minimalism style.


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