I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps, well welcome aboard! We’re sure this song is in your mind these days since relocation to NYC gives you a lot of opportunities. Whether you want to do it for business or some other reasons, prepare yourself. New York will get you hooked. Your whole lifestyle will change and you will need NYC moving tips. As well, you will appreciate the NYC bagel. Besides other things that you are going to discover, you first need to prepare for the relocation. Every moving to NYC is different on its own. But, moving to NYC with pets is a story on its own. When moving with pets, you have to be careful. Let’s see what need to know. 

Prepare yourself for moving to NYC with pets

Yes, it is the time to think more about it. It is not the same if you’re moving to New York with a dog, or with two dogs and 1 bird. So, you have to plan for each and every one of your pets. All of them require a different approach and different care. You should make a pet moving list when moving to NYC with pets. That list will keep you on track and you won’t forget your pet’s favorite toy. And it is not just about the toys, you need to prepare them for the move. Remember, if it’s a shock for you, it’s a shock for them also. Especially if you are relocating from a small place to NYC. The pet is not used to the NYC horns and smells. Create a list and think about and for your pet.

Prepare a pet moving checklist when moving to NYC with pets.

Make a checklist so as not to forget anything.

So, why do you need to start in advance? Well, so you don’t prepare everything in the last minute. Or find out too late something related to the pet relocation. You don’t want to jeopardize starting a new life in NYC. And no, you shouldn’t clean the kitty litter on the last day. Do everything in advance so you handle the relocation at ease. There are more than enough things that will cause you stress. The pet moving list will save you from multiplying that stress. You will know when to go to the vet, what the NYC pet regulations are etc. Once you cover every aspect of your pet relocation, you will reduce the problems. And you won’t forget to bring the pet’s two-day emergency kit. So, when should one visit the vet?

Ask your vet for advice when moving to NYC with pets

A vet will bring you most if not all the answers you need about moving to NYC with pets. They can advise you on climate conditions in NYC and how they can affect your pet(s). You need to do the last checkup before relocating. Let’s say one to two weeks before the move you should visit the vet. Over the phone, you can explain what you plan to do. As well, ask the vet to prepare your pet(s) medical records. Since pets may get lost in the new area, be sure to update the microchip information. Relocation will be strange for the pet also, so give it some time to adapt. It will get distracted by the new smells. Also, the new environment will cause stress to the pet. It’s not difficult only for you to decide where to live in NYC.

Prepare questing for your vet.

Don’t forget to bring all the medical records.

In the NYC you need to respect the law in regards to pets. So, every household that owns a pet must submit a registration form. Some of the species are prohibited. And dogs must be kept on leashes six feet long or less. If possible, ask your vet to give you some of the most important updates. Maybe he/she knows more when it comes to pet regulations in the NYC. Ask the vet to recommend you some colleague. You want to be sure that your pet has the care that it deserves. Once the checkup, microchip information and medical records are updated, pack the pets necessity. Take the most of its belongings and place it in a box or two. Of course, if you have fish, clean the bowl or aquarium on time. You should inform your moving company that you have an aquarium. Maybe they’ll charge it more.

Secure the new place when moving to NYC with pets

When you complete the relocation to NYC, prepare your home for pets. This means that you have to think about the latches and the locks. Of course, it all depends on the configuration of your new home. Then you will decide on where you plan to install the pet’s home. Take care of the sharp corners in the new place and protect your pet from them and vice versa. Don’t forget to take plastic covers for electronic outlets. You know how curious pets can be. And they will unleash their anger on cables or shoes, as usual. So, do everything to protect your new home from them and vice versa. Bad things can happen.  If possible, bring your pet to the new place long before, so that the home won’t be a completely unfamiliar place.

Take a lot of pictures when moving to NYC with pets.

Relocation with pets should be a joyful experience.

If possible, ask your friend/family to keep the pet for a few days when the relocation day comes. You don’t want the pet to be with you on the day when you lift big boxes. Accidents can happen. Besides that, the pet will only cause a distraction. It will always want to know what is in that box etc. You should reconsider another type of transportation if you have a different type of pet. For some, maybe the only possible way of transportation is an airplane. Even for dogs/cats staying in the car for too long can cause problems. Once everything is done, take a lot of pictures and enjoy moving to NYC with pets! Give the pet the best of life and don’t forget about the grooming tools!

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