Big cities like NYC can be pretty expensive, especially for inexperienced residents. So, if you are moving to New York on a budget, you’re probably wondering if there are any ways to save more money after you move. Luckily, there are many! We’ve gathered a couple of useful tips on how to save money in New York and therefore have a stress-free urban city life. 

How to save money in New York – before you move here?

Being thrifty about living in NYC can begin even before you move. There are ways to save money on your relocation process and don’t break a bank even before you arrive in NYC. Firstly, you can downsize your home and bring only the items you really need. The way to do it – well, it’s very simple. Be sure to declutter your old home and remove any unwanted or broken items. You can also sell items in good condition and even make some more cash. This way you’ll reduce the moving costs and save money on packing supplies.

Manhattan cityscape.

Saving money in New York is possible with a proper plan.

Another way to save money is to hire a responsible and trustworthy moving company. Avoiding fraud and taking risks can save you a lot, compared to DIY moves and negative experiences. Be sure to browse companies with reliable sources, and find a company that suits your needs. There are many companies that provide different kinds of assistance when moving in NYC, so you can definitely find one that can handle your move safely and quickly – at affordable rates.

Prepare for life in New York

If you need to save money in New York – you need to learn everything about living in New York. Find out about the most affordable restaurants and supermarkets, ways to have fun for free in New York, and the shortest and cheapest commute routes to your office. If you are prepared and do some research, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises – paying more than you’ve actually wanted.

Find a roommate to save money in New York

You may come from a city where living costs and rents are not that expensive. However, when you want to save money in New York, you’ll definitely have to find a roommate and share rent costs. Prepare for this step, take your time when selecting the right person and most importantly – learn what to expect when living with a roommate. This way you’ll avoid negative experiences and save a lot of money on rent and bills.

Find affordable storage

Even if you are moving to a new neighborhood in New York, you need affordable storage to store your seasonal items or the items you can’t fit in your new home. This happens a lot since NYC apartments tend to be smaller and people don’t want to give up on some items and have no space to store them. However, when you need to find affordable storage in Brooklyn, don’t go for the cheapest option on the market. Be sure to find a reliable and safe option and don’t risk the security of your items. 

Save on transport

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to go around NYC is to use Uber. However, when you live in New York, these Uber drivers can cost a lot on a monthly basis. That’s why one of the ways to save money in New York is to use public transport by having a monthly pass. Another healthier option is to walk – just be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. All of these options lead to another way to save money – sell your car. Since you have more affordable ways to go around the city, you definitely don’t need ac ar which can cost a lot.

Yellow cabs in one of the New York streets.

Cabs and Uber services are not cheap, so if you want to save money in New York, be sure to use public transportation and have long-term tickets.

Eat at home

The fastest way to spend money is by grabbing food as you go. And let’s face it – New York offers too many options for it. Be sure to plan your meals in advance, shop for affordable groceries and cook at home. If you are not able to always do that, be sure to eat at restaurants – at lunchtime. Many places offer lunch specials that are very affordable and tasty, so be sure to check them out. So, if you decide to eat out, choose lunchtime instead of a late dinner.

Look for discounts

New York is a shopping heaven, for sure. However, since you live in NYC now, you now have enough time to plan your shopping and look for discounts. Wait for the sales seasons, and visit discount stores – there are many of the in the city.

Women with shopping bags sitting on a bench.

Shopping can be fun – in a more affordable way!

Choose affordable places to go out

When you want to go partying, there are ways to spend less in NYC. Be sure to party at more affordable locations like Harlem, and also drink during the happy hour. Many bars offer special offers at special times, so be sure to follow this tip for having a drink – on a budget.

See art for free

You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy art and culture in NYC. Apart from having many free museums in NYC, you can also visit those that offer free (or very cheap) entrance fees on certain days. Be sure to follow the website of your favorite museum and see when you can come – free of charge.


Even though New York City can be pretty expensive, there are many ways to save some cash. Generally, planning your budget is something that you need to do when you want to save money in New York. Being aware of your finances will help you manage them more successfully and make sure you don’t break the bank every month. We are sure that these tips will help you experience New York the best way possible and save some money at the same time.

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