Moving is not joyful in any case, so make it easier for you and your family or anyone who lives and move with you. Are you sure that you gonna take everything with you when you move? This is a job which never forgets so don’t try to make it more difficult than it is at all. Some people live tidy and clean but not everyone and not in every part of the home. You can find some garage, attic or even a room in condition like the bomb just fell from the sky and not the big one to destroy everything, but small, just to reorder decoration the owner did. So there is an opportunity to make a selection of what you gonna need ever or will not need in a more than one life. How to declutter your home before relocation? This, in some cases, is “must-do”.

Declutter your home before moving – You must be resolute

So, you must be resolute in that, because if you are not, you gonna move all of the unnecessary stuff and maybe you gonna pay for it. Therefore, be resolute! There are some things for which we are connected in an emotional way, and they can be valuable for us. But if you find them under the ruins after the bombing, which had never been, forget their value and be resolute to throw it away. And be sure, that if you didn’t see this thing for a year or more and you didn’t remind of it earlier, you do not need it at all.


Dirty bookshelf

Make a list of necessary to declutter your home before relocation

In this job when you don’t know what to throw away and not know what to carry to a new residence first you must decide what do you want to take with you. This is much easier and you do not have to make hard decisions, it is just that about you know well.

  • Personal documents (ID-s, passports, and such documents)
  • Financial documents (mortgage, credits, loans, etc)
  • Personal belongings that are really valuable to you (some photos, albums, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, video records on any carrier, etc)
  • Some works of art, which you do not want to damage, as well as everything else, but this particular
  • Collections of any types
  • Of course, beyond these, things that have use value in everyday life and which are necessary

You can add on the list every you want, but make a list. Making a list you’ll less ask yourself what to throw away and what to take with you into a new residence.

You have to decide or take some professional help

The most important task for the people who are moving is to make a plan and organization. In such a plan you can include something like some help to decide and do it in the right way. You can call professionals to get rid of clutter. They’ll be there for you to declutter your home before relocation. Do not lose your money and time on worthless things. Professionals can help you decide much easier than you can do it on your own. So, accept this hand it’s a good move! And be aware, that no matter what do you feel about some of those things, they are nothing more than things. Every piece, except some pieces of art, can be replaced with the same or better one.

Garage or yard sale is an option

If there are possibilities you can organize a garage o yard sale. This is, maybe, the best way to get rid of things which you don’t want anymore. Looking to the faces of the potential buyers you gonna notice piece of happiness and this will satisfy you, for sure. Okay, there is money you can get in this sale, which is not a lot, but it is something. You didn’t give away it for anything but for a spark of someone’s happiness which you saw in the eye of an unknown buyer. Some times that’s enough.

Declutter your home before

Garage sale

You can choose

You always have a choice to do it (relocation and decluttering) on your own, or to hire some professionals and not be worried. This is especially important if you have to move the piano or some furniture which can’t be dissembled. But that’s not all! There is a more narrow choice!

Differences between movers

There are specialties which moving companies have. Some of them specialized only to move companies or offices. And some of them are residential movers. So, the part of a plan has to be researching companies which fit your request.

Some more things to explore

One or more moments are important considering hiring moving companies. These are if you are moving with kids and if you are moving to another state. This is especially important if you are moving with teenagers, who are in a way gown up but still kids. You have to think about their feelings more than about the things you have to throw away.

The girl is sitting by the bike

The girl is sitting by the bike

Facing the important issues

When you face this challenge you’ll gonna see how things are unimportant. And issue like declutter your home before relocating, which is a piece of cake. There is a time as, maybe, never been to focus on your teenagers to pay attention to their feelings and be wise with them. For sure this depends on where and from where you are moving, but caution is never too much. Caution in a sense to watch your teenagers and let them take a part in decisions about the place you move in. Of course, let them arrange their rooms on their own. Let them feel adult. Actually, they are almost adult and in a just few years they will be maybe fathers or mothers.

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