If you have decided to move to New York while being on a budget you came to the right place. Here you will find some tips and tricks on how moving to New York on a budget is possible. There are some steps you should follow and do a bit of investigation about New York and you will be just fine. By saving some money from the first day of your decision to move to this awesome city the sky is the limit. However, following the steps you will find here is very important if you want to succeed in this intention.

Moving to New York on a budget means you should prepare

                  New York is an expensive city

Moving to New York on a budget 101

There are so many ways to move somewhere on a budget. However, when it comes to moving to New York on a budget, rules are a bit changed. New York can be so expensive that is why you need to know how to deal with that. First things that you need to do is to find where to live. New York has five boroughs:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Queens

These are the boroughs that New York has, and you should know which one to choose if you are moving to New York on a budget. You definitely won’t choose Manhattan, as it is the most expensive borough of the five. If you had Manhattan on your mind you should forget about it, at least for a while. Choosing one of the boroughs that are not Manhattan is the way to go. Brooklyn is becoming the “it” borough, but it still has somewhat normal rents.


This borough is a great place for you to look for an apartment. It is definitely becoming a place where everyone wants to be and therefore prices are raising, but they are not there yet. It is still possible to have a great life there while being on a certain budget. What is really good about this borough, is that it is so cool, and there are so many great restaurants and coffee places that have opened in the last years.

Snowy Brooklyn

New York is beautiful, all five boroughs have their charm

Another pro for this cool borough is that you are half an hour away by subway from any other borough. Except for Staten Island. It is called an Island for a reason, you would need a ferry. When it comes to renting an apartment, you will need some time to find the right place. There are so many apartments that are for rent and they don’t even look like an apartment. So, be patient and careful. Do not accept someplace just because of a good price. There are great apartments you just need to find them.


Manhattan is a borough that it would be best to forget about if you are moving to New York on a budget. Unless you are willing to live in a shed of an apartment. Rents are very high and prices in general as well. Therefore, Manhattan is out of the limits at least until you get up on your feet and start earning money that would be enough for a lifestyle of a person who lives in Manhattan. Choosing where to live in New York is the main thing when moving to New York on a budget.


When you are moving a very smart thing to do is to declutter. Get rid of your items. Bring half of your items with you or less. This is important because if you have fewer things the less money you will have to give to your mover’s company. Also, by arranging a yard sale and selling those things that you want to get rid of, you can earn some extra money that can come more than handy at this period of moving.

Habits that must stop

New York is a fun city, with so many things to do. Everything around you will look so intriguing and you will fall to the temptation to see, buy, and try everything. However, you have to stop buying things impulsively. From now on, you have to make a list of things you will need when going to a supermarket. You need to buy only items from your list and that is it. In the beginning, nightlife is something that won’t happen for you very often. At least until you figure out where are the clubs and restaurants that are fit for anyone’s pocket.

Start saving very early

It is good to start saving money from day one. Which means that you should maybe think about opting for a cheaper mover’s company for example. Next thing to do is to save up on packing materials. This is an easy thing to do. Do not buy boxes, simply find them and ask for them from some store. People will be happy to provide with the boxes if you ask politely, they don’t need them.

A lot of cash

                                  Start saving up early

Those boxes would be thrown into garbage otherwise. In this way, you can save money, also rent a moving blanket, do not buy it. You can rent it from your mover’s company. Saving up on the things that you won’t have any use of in the future, is a smart thing to do when on a budget. Therefore, as it seems you won’t be needing boxes and markers and similar for your life in NYC best thing to do is to try and find them for free.

Moving to New York can be a challenge, especially when you are on a certain budget. However, by following some simple steps and by getting rid of some old habits like impulsive purchase you can figure it all out. Also, you can always sell your car if you have one and get some extra money from it that will mean a lot in New York for the start. You won’t need the car in New York as we mentioned already, it is all happening with the subway, taxis, and uber cars. Finding the ways that are most suited for you is the way to go. Enjoy your life in New York, it is definitely one of the greatest cities in the world.

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