Moving from California to New York will need some serious adjusting and getting used to a different life. Both California and New York are amazing states but they are very different. You will even experience some culture shock. The first thing you will feel will be homesickness. You should know that this is a pretty common (and normal) occurrence. Unpacking quickly, settling in, and starting to explore everything New York has to offer you will make that feeling go. Then you will need to adjust your daily routine which will be tough in the beginning but it will get easier over time. We are here to help you with this one. So, keep reading!

Relocation can be the best reason to change the things you wanted

It is always a challenge to shake things up when relocating to a new location, especially an exciting one like New York.  Before we start, make sure to research what not to pack when moving to New York. Despite the initial discomfort, the prospect of starting a new life is always exciting. According to our research, the beginning of a new year is a great time to start anew. About  40% of people will change their bad habits after moving. You can be one of them. Identify your bad habits and work on getting rid of them. It will be much easier in a new environment. This period of transition typically lasts three months. Breaking bad habits becomes much more difficult after that. As a result, come up with a strategy and jot down three bad habits you’d like to kick. 

typing on an old typewriter
This is something you should do before you move to New York.

Don’t try to recreate your old routine

Don’t focus on your old daily routine. Moving from California to New York changed everything, including your routine. Instead, focus on finding new routines and what fits your new life now. It takes some time to set a new routine for your every day and to make sure that it is organized well. You must determine what you must accomplish during the day and when you must accomplish it. Learn how to create a daily to-do list and schedule. Good habits are formed and bad ones are broken in order to lead a more fruitful and happier life. Research a little bit about New Jersey – this state will be close by and you should visit it sometimes.

Start from the relocation

Don’t wait until you are all settled in to start adjusting your daily routine. Start from the relocation. Organize it well and if the circumstances allow it – on time. Team up with the right people and talk to them about the whole process. You will feel much better if you know exactly how the whole thing is going to go.

Make a plan for your day – structure it

Before lunchtime, early risers get the most work done, while night owls have a tendency to be more creative in the evenings. Consider what time of day you perform effectively, and then arrange your tasks according to the period of the day that best suits your needs. Getting out of the house in the morning can be a challenge. Begin the day by taking care of your pets (if you have them), unloading the dishwasher, and preparing dinner in a slow cooker. After the commotion of the morning rush subsides, use the mornings for problem-solving tasks. 

During the middle of the day, your energy levels are likely to have dwindled, and maybe the morning cup of coffee has as well. However, this could mean that you’re better suited to mundane tasks that don’t necessitate much thought. Spend this time completing errands, responding to emails, and setting up appointments, if necessary. Routine cleaning, such as unloading the dishwasher and putting it back together, can be done during the day (if you are at home of course).

Evenings are best spent strategizing and preparing for tomorrow. De-clutter the areas of your home where excess items tend to accumulate, such as the kitchen. If you stick to the weekly organizing schedule, you’ll spend 15 to 20 minutes a day cleaning one room.

Making a to-do list after moving from California to New York
Making lists and structuring your day is often the best practice.

Plan ahead of time so that you have some leeway

Unfortunately, even the most meticulously planned routines are disrupted by the whims of daily life. New York can be such an amazing place and you can easily get carried away. That is ok too. Using your most productive moments for the most difficult tasks and your least efficient moments for the more routine ones is key to getting the most out of your time. In the event that you have to miss work hours to attend a doctor’s appointment or an evening social event, having a daily routine in place will help keep things moving along without too many bumps. Planning ahead is always smart. Just like when the time to relocate from California to New York comes you will be better of if you planned everything and called Los Angeles Transfer and Storage for example.

A girl sitting by the window and enjoying the view.
Make sure to leave some time to explore this amazing place.

Good luck!

Now, before we go we wanted to mention once again that moving from California to New York is going to be a huge change in your life and you should act accordingly. Research your new town, check out the neighborhood and see what fun things you can explore once you get there. You can fit all of that into your daily routine. How? Start on time and (for example) every night before you do to bed focus on researching your new place. By the time that relocation comes, you will be well prepared.

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