Moving from Florida to NYC can be such an amazing adventure but before you can go you will need to pack. Packing can be quite difficult. That’s why you have us to show you how to pack, how to prepare, and what not to pack.

The first step

If this is your first relocation ever you will need more guidance than this. Since we are talking about what to and what not to pack when moving from Florida to NYC we need to start with packing preparations. We are talking about decluttering of course.

Since you plan to move from Florida to New York City, you should probably consider decluttering your home before you start packing because that will make packing much easier (and unpacking later on). Not only can a significant amount of decluttering save you time and energy on both ends of your move, but it can also save you some money. Saving money is just a bonus of course.  You should avoid bringing any junk or stuff that is not necessary into your new house. You don’t want to start your new life in a clutter right? That means everything you no longer use and the things that are broken should not go with you to NYC.

Clothes, what do you need?

NYC has all seasons. Chances are you will be getting some new clothes once you get there for the colder months. That means you don’t need all that summer clothes. First of all, take a close look at your closet. Fold and store all of the clothes you’ve chosen to keep. When the time comes to start packing consider vacuum bags. You will save a lot of space that way. If your NYC home is smaller than the one you had in Florida this can also be a great solution for storing summer clothes during the winter and another way round. If you don’t know what to do with your old clothes you can always give them to charity. Make an effort to associate decluttering with positive thoughts.

If you are moving with kids

This can be a perfect time to get rid of some things the kids have been keeping for way too long. Like old toys, they no longer play with. As a parent, you will know best the things that you can leave behind. Moving with kids is never easy.

A girl and her mom packing before moving from Florida to NYC
Moving with kids can be quite challenging. Luckily there are people who can help you out starting with packing.

But there are people who can help

We just wanted to tell you that this can be a good opportunity for some change. If you are moving with kids you might need some help with the packing. Luckily you can trust the task to the pros and they will do this in no time leaving you enough time to prepare the kids for relocation.

Safety first

When moving to a different state there are many things you need to remember to pack. There are also many things to remember not to pack. If you are in charge of packing household belongings during this upcoming relocation to NYC, you must consider your own safety as well as the safety of the movers you will be hiring. Not everything is safe to relocate in a moving van (especially really big items – you will need some help with that). Here is a list of items you do not want to pack :

  • any kind of household cleaners
  • lighter fluid
  • gasoline
  • fertilizers and weed killers
  • food and other perishables
  • ammunition and guns (there is a special service for this)
  • valuable items like cash, jewelry, and important documents – that needs to be with you or in a safe
  • car batteries
  • anything flammable

Some of our household items are extremely dangerous and cannot be transported in the moving van. Your moving company’s contract will make this clear. You’d be surprised to see just how many of our household items are risky or dangerous. These chemicals should be kept safe in your car, properly sealed, and rolled up in protective plastic.   Please keep in mind that none of the items we talked about above should be thrown away or poured down the drain. That can also be very dangerous.

Words " be kind to the planet" on pink wallpaper
Pay special attention when getting rid of some of the items we mentioned above.

Beauty products

Yes, even some beauty products can be dangerous. Things like nail polish, hair spray, nail polish removers, and some deodorants can be flammable so it’s best to avoid them. You can buy all of that in NYC don’t worry. Focus on the things you really need and cant easily replace.

Heavy boxes

Damage is more likely to be done by heavy objects. As much as possible, try not to overpack your moving boxes. Break down large items into smaller pieces and distribute them across multiple boxes. If a large box of books falls on top of you, it can pose a serious threat, as well as being quite difficult to manage. Of course for reliable movers listed among Best Movers in Florida, this is an easy task so you might want to give them a call.

Two people holding moving boxes
Be extra careful if you are the one carrying heavy moving boxes. If you hire movers for this task you don’t have to worry, they had enough training to know how to do it properly.

Are you ready now?

Hopefully, now you know what not to pack when moving from Florida to NYC and the whole preparation process will be easier. Don’t worry, you got this and if you have any more questions we left you a couple of great articles so you can keep reading.

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