We are here to research the best New Jersey neighborhoods for commuters. Since many people commute and NJ has such an amazing location, you are given the opportunity to have a nice life in NJ and work in NYC, for example. Many people do this. Living in a place like NYC is simply not for everybody. Especially nowadays when the commute is pretty easy and the prices are pretty reasonable. After we show you some of the best New Jersey neighborhoods for commuters, we will make sure to point out the people who can get you to your new home. Relocations don’t have to be tough at all. Everything can be done easily as long as you find adequate help.

Hoboken, Hudson County

The city of Hoboken is regarded as one of the most desirable areas in the state. Renting a property in Hoboken gives inhabitants a taste of city life in a compact area. It is not so noisy as NYC and yet it is more urban than the suburbs. Here you can find some of the most amazing and authentic restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and even great shopping. If you prefer nature, luckily there are some great parks to be found here. Even if you have a dog, you will have the access to some great dog parks. Hoboken is home to a large number of young professionals as well as young families. This city’s citizens tend to be liberal in their views, which can create a great atmosphere. We can also show you the top NJ suburbs for commuters but here we will focus on cities and towns like Hoboken and others.

The commute

The PATH rail, which travels from Hoboken to Manhattan in around 20 minutes, is available for commuters every day. You can also go to Manhattan in just ten minutes by boat or New Jersey transit bus. We made sure to find only the best New Jersey neighborhoods that will be ideal for commuting to NYC.

A train in one of the best New Jersey neighborhoods for commuters.
The commute will be pretty easy if you move here.

Montclair, Essex County

Montclair is the most preferred commuter destination for New Jersey residents with children. New Jersey’s second largest university, Montclair State University, was founded in 1908 and is located right here. This city has one of the most well-regarded school systems around. It has 11 public primary, middle, and secondary schools. They’re all highly regarded. In addition to all of this, this city has the reputation of being one of the safest and most desirable locations to live. It has a bit of a suburban vibe if this is something that you and your family like. This is one of the best NJ places for New Yorkers who wish to lead a peaceful life and still work in NYC.

The commute

New York’s Penn Station is just a short train ride away from Watchung Avenue in New Jersey. Hourly service is available Monday through Friday. The trip takes about 45 minutes. As you can see this is also a decent option. Maybe it will fit into your schedule?

People on the subway.
45 minutes is not bad at all!

Ridgewood, Bergen County

This is Bergen County’s best place to live and New Jersey’s sixth-best place to call home. People love this village mainly because its affluent, urban, and yet has a strong sense of community. The schools are highly rated and crime rates are on the low side. At $396,574 per home, some of the neighborhoods in this area are listed as the 58th wealthiest in the whole of the USA. This whole county is very popular amongst commuters from NJ. If by a chance you decide to relocate here you will be able to find assistance any time to get you settled in no time.

The commute

Unfortunately, you won’t find a direct train to get to Manhattan. Services from Ridgewood to New York’s Penn Station through Frank R Lautenberg Secaucus Upper Level are available, however. The entire journey, including transfers, takes about 57 minutes which is not so bad at all. Even though you don’t have the direct train, you have many other great things going on for this place like amazing and friendly movers like Van Express Movers.

Englewood, Bergen County

Another city in this county. If you have a dog, Englewood can be an amazing place to live. Suburban living at a suburban price with quick access to the big city vibe is possible now.  Englewood is a peaceful and secure neighborhood. According to Forbes Magazine, Englewood Cliffs is one of the wealthiest area codes in the whole of the USA. This can be a really nice place to live. You should definitely research it a bit better as you should this whole county.

The commute

You will need to use the bus and then the subway but the whole commute will be somewhere between 30 to 40 minutes. That is not bad at all.

A woman waiting for a train
Still under one hour! That is pretty good for commuting to Manhattan.

Choosing a place to live

We showed you the best neighborhoods in New Jersey for commuters. All of them will be much more affordable than living in NYC. They are also much safer, the air is less polluted and people are known to be friendlier. There are more places that can be good for you. This is just to get you started and to show you where to get help when the time comes. If you are moving with your family make sure to include them in the decision-making process.

Their opinion is also important since they will be living with you as well. If you have a dog we showed you the best place for pet owners. Now it’s up to you to see which one of the best New Jersey neighborhoods will be perfect for you. Good luck!

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