It’s no secret that apartments in NYC are quite costly. Midtown Manhattan especially. There is a reason why are they so expensive. Everybody wants to be here. To work or to live here. This is simply because this city is the capital of the world as some refer to it. So many job opportunities are here that people from all over the world are trying to find a way to relocate here. So let’s see just how much money do you need for a Midtown Manhattan apartment (renting or buying) and also how to find people to help you out.

Renting in Midtown Manhattan

There are some perks to renting. This is not a long-term solution but it can be quite easy. You simply rent the place and whatever happens your landlord is the one handling problems. So you don’t have many obligations towards the place. You simply need to keep it nice and tidy the way it was given to you. That’s not so hard. But when it comes to money it can be a bit much so many decide to find a smaller apartment in order to save some money. That’s why downsizing in NYC is very popular. Median Rent in Midtown Manhattan is $2,830 or even higher (monthly). But even if you have the money you must also have a good rental history and credit history too in order to rent. This is simply because the demand is high.

Is it better to rent or to buy?

This is a tough one. If you plan on living here forever you should consider buying. Generally, it can be cheaper to rent and this is a better solution if you plan on staying here for just a couple of years. The research says that in dense metropolitan regions like Manhatten is, it’s cheaper to rent. If an area’s less populated, it’s better to buy, but it’s all up to you. Choose what seems smart for you.

Buildings in which you can choose a Midtown Manhattan apartment
To rent or to buy, make a pro and con list and you will know the answer.

Buying Midtown Manhattan apartment

It’s not a small thing to be able to buy a place here. That means you really had it going for you and how great is that? Congratulations! This can also be a great investment since the prices are not falling down. Not even during the global pandemic. According to research, the median price of all apartments in Manhattan is now about $916,000. The median price of a one-bedroom apartment in Midtown Manhattan is somewhere near $710,000. But you don’t have to pay in cash everything, the bank can help you. You just need the down payment.

There is a chance you will be needing a help to buy an apartment here. The bank can help you out.

The Bank

They are here to help you. Before you go to the bank make sure to have a good credit score. The better the score, the better the rates. Actually, due to the global pandemic and the state of the economy, the rates are a bit better than they were a few years ago so why not use that to your advantage. You will be needing a downpayment of 10% or 15% depending on your bank. There are ways around that but it’s best to let your agent to explain you this one because it’s different in every case. So prepare and go to visit your bank and talk about all the options you have for buying a place of your own in Manhattan.

Moving to Midtown Manhattan

You will be needing some help in this part of the process too. You can do it on your own of course but it’s always good to avoid heavy lifting and to contact professional teams nearby. Professional movers can help you in many ways, not just with relocation. They are offering a variety of services from packing to finding you storage space for your household items in case you need something like that. So it’s always good to give them a call and see how they can be of help. Packing is actually quite a boring part of the relocation but it needs to be done right so many people hire movers to help them with this chore and that way they are sure that their household items are safe and sound.

Costs of life in Midtown Manhattan

Since we are already talking about prices of real estate here, let’s see some other prices too. Grocery prices are higher than the national average but not too much. For example, you can buy a beer for 6 to 12 dollars depending on the brand and where the beer is imported from. According to research the average cost of food here is $38 per day. Lucky for you, movers are affordable. If you have any questions about the costs of relocation check out and contact them to learn about prices.

A picnic after buying a Midtown Manhattan apartment
Living in any NYC borough will not be cheap.

Is there a reason to give so much money to live in Manhattan

You can say many things about NYC like its too expensive, noisy, or overcrowded. Those are all valid points but the truth is there is no better place on earth for job opportunities. The same goes for education. Some of the best schools in the world are located here. Also, an apartment in this city can be a great investment. Some people buy apartments so they can rent them and earn money that way while still having property in this city. That’s called a win-win situation. Explore all the options that are ahead of you and you will surely make the best decision. Make sure to include your family members in the decision-making process too. And, if you are buying a place it would be smart to hire a lawyer to help you with the legal part of the process.

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