The best way to get rid of the extra items and create a more functional living area in your tiny condo in the Big Apple is to learn how to use the benefits of storage solutions. These spaces are capable of converting your decluttered home into more available square footage that can be at your disposal for something else. Anyway, to prepare for accomplishing this project, you will need to know something about storage solutions for small NYC apartments. In that case, stick around to discover some modern and popular ideas that can be quite useful in the upcoming mission.

When you decide to reorganize your tiny NYC apartment, you need to have a plan. You see, every little square footage counts, so before anything, it is important to set up your requirements you can get ready for decluttering. When it comes to the tips for moving into a smaller apartment, this process is a significant step. Even though NYC has petite condos, it doesn’t mean you can’t make that area more spacious. You should know that there are a plethora of creative ways you can apply in your home. Just go room by room, and put on the paper every item that is unusable, unwanted, and useless. Then, read this article and find ideas on how to rearrange and maximize the apartment.

Apartment - To get more space, check out some storage solutions for small NYC apartments.
Think about everything, and then decide which storage solutions for small NYC apartments will suit you the most.

Do the homework on storage solutions

Once you come up with a plan, it is time to put things in motion!

The first task will be to determine what you are dealing with. So, which properties are you planning to store, and which storage solution you need? Considering how complex this job is, you must inform yourself properly so you can prepare accurately. Also, if you are not sure what to do, you can always give a call to professionals like Capital City Bins NYC for some pieces of advice. 

However, here are the most practical storage ideas you will find quite handy:

  • Decorative baskets, bins in different sizes, and boxes are something you can get easily and for an appropriate price. Anyway, these things will help you store so many electronic devices, ornaments, and lots of other belongings.
  • An excellent way to save space in a tiny apartment is to invest in multi-purpose furniture.
  • Another great solution is of course placing everything in a storage unit. There, everything you want to put will be safe and sound.

DIY projects

This process involves your creativity and your organizing skills. Of course, everything depends on the items’ size, type, and quantity. So, the only way to get rid of them properly is to discover how to prepare them for storage space. In other words, if you are storing smaller items, all you need are some decorative baskets. As for the extra furniture and other inventory, you should check out why is it a good idea to rent a storage unit. Just go one by one task, and you will be able to create a much larger space in your small NYC apartment.

Decorative baskets are affordable and very practical storage spaces.

Popular storage solutions for small NYC apartments if you are working with professionals

If you have extra money, then, hiring experts will be a great idea. These people will help you organize your apartment, and they will find you a perfect space for things you don’t use often. Specialists will appear at your door fully equipped and ready for the task. Even if you are not planning to use a storage unit, they will offer you storage bins. These practical cases and boxes can save you so much room that you will be surprised. Every item you want to have in the apartment hidden, they can make that happen.

Ideas you can use to maximize the storage in a small apartment

Kitchen – Add more shelves in the cabinets, use containers to fill the whole draw area, ditch every empty box of food, etc.

Living room – Considering it is a small apartment, make sure to replace the furniture. Unless you want to customize the furniture, you should think about getting the multi-purpose ones. There you can fit many items, boxes, and other things that are important.

Bedroom – Start with filling the space under the bed, use vacuum bags to store seasonal clothing, reorganize your closets and drawers, etc.

Bathroom – Get rid of empty bottles, rearrange the cabinets, if you can replace some features with smaller ones, etc.

Hallway – It is important to remember that this is not the waste of area in your small apartment. You can work with your walls, take out unnecessary items, get a big closet, lose the decorative details, etc.

Storage space.
If you are looking for a bigger place for your properties, there are plenty of reasons why you should think about storage spaces.

Other popular storage solutions for small NYC apartments

  • You can always repurpose every storage space you already have.
  • Purchase items that are designed and meant for smaller apartments and homes.
  • Make sure to use slatted shelves in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and closets in the bedroom.
  • Also, you can learn how to pack your storage for frequent access.
  • And don’t forget the often wasted spaces like suitcases and empty boxes. There you can put important stuff such seasonal clothes, shoes, some toiletries, etc.

Everything depends on how you organize the space

In the end, the entire project is all about the organization. So, picture your NYC apartment entirely, so you come up with the best solutions for maximizing. Determine what you will do with your belongings and prepare for gathering the appropriate supplies. Only thanks to that you will be able to uncover secret storage compartments. Anyway, take your time and plan the entire thing carefully. And, of course, consider using the storage spaces in NYC if you have more stuff than your apartment needs and have its position in there.

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