6 reasons why millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire

For quite some time, economists speak about New Hampshire as a location to be for young adults pursuing their careers. The situation with the mainly aging population in the area is getting considerably different. Hence, we have decided to present you with the main reasons why millennial New Yorkers love New Hampshire. Find out whether it is time for you to move to this location as well.

#1 Location is why New Yorkers love New Hampshire

The distance between New Hampshire and the mountains, the coast, Boston, and Vermont is one hour. The Northeastern location of the state, which is surrounded by Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, is perfect, and it also has stunning views and easy access to wildlife. New York City is also very reachable by car from New Hampshire. Today, a lot of people opt to live and work in New Hampshire. Each of its seven different and varied regions has something to offer.

#2 There are no sales or income taxes in New Hampshir…
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