If you’re moving to New York, big chances are that you will be moving into a smaller apartment than you’re normally used to. This is because apartments in New York are usually very small and if you want to live in a bigger one, you have to earn a lot of money in order to be able to afford it. Adjusting to a small space can be very tricky actually and that is why we decided to give you some helpful tips for moving into a smaller apartment.

Perks of living in a small apartment

Many people fear of moving to a small apartment but there are plenty of perks to this actually. The first one would be saving money on rent and utilities. Small apartments cost less and need less electricity. This means that you will automatically be spending less money on these things. Living in a small apartment also means less space for the mess. This will make you clean more regularly and not leave everything everywhere as it can get messy pretty fast. This means that once you move into a bigger apartment, you will continue the habit of tidying regularly.

Small apartments have a good effect on our mental health too. They make people feel safer. And it is very important to stay healthy after moving, especially mentally healthy. They are also much easier to decorate and you won’t need a lot of money for furniture and decoration as there isn’t plenty of space for that. All in all, living in a small apartment is not a bad thing at all.

Three jars full of coins you will be able to save if you opt for moving into a smaller apartment.

Living in a small apartment is great for saving money.


1. Declutter

A very important thing that needs to be done before moving into a smaller apartment is decluttering. It’s necessary that you get rid of all the things that you simply won’t have enough space for in a small apartment.

You don’t have to throw these things away. You can donate them or sell them. Leaving your belongings in storage is a good idea when you need to move some stuff out of the way. Decluttering can also save you some money as you will be moving less stuff. When decluttering, you have to have to realize that some things are simply not necessary for your day to day life. You maybe use them once or twice every few years and sometimes not even that often. Everything you don’t use or need has to go.

2. Measure everything

If you’re bringing any furniture with you to your new smaller apartment, by any chance, make sure you measure everything first. A lot of people think that they can just eye-out the size of the room and their furniture but this is not correct. This is why many people end up having issues and having a moving expense that wasn’t needed. If your sofa can’t fit in the living room, you’ll have to get a new one. It’s just the way it is.


Measure everything before you move.

3. Use your walls as much as possible

Walls are your best friends when you are living in a small apartment and using them smartly is very important. There are plenty of ways to use your walls. For example, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be on the floor. You can install cabinets instead. But it’s also very important that you don’t over-do it as it can also give a cramped-up feeling. Adding shelves everywhere is also a great solution. Hooks can hold many things too and make sure you use them. For example, instead of having a cabinet full of pans and pots, hang them on hooks. This can save you a lot of space. Hooks are great for bathrooms too. You can hang your laundry basket and save up on floor space.

4. Use illusion to make your apartment feel bigger

It’s no secret that interior designers found a way to make a small room look bigger. Luckily, you don’t have to be one in order to do this. Using mirrors is one of the oldest tricks in the book for making a small room appear larger. And mirrors are also very trendy and they always look modern. So make sure you use plenty of mirrors in your new small apartment.

Another way you can create an illusion of a bigger room is by using bright colors. Having white walls makes a room seem bigger. If you relocate anywhere in NYC, you’ll probably already have white walls in your apartment. But if you want to follow the interior design trend of using plenty of colors, you can, but keep it light. Dark colors can close up a room.

White walls.

Use bright colors for creating an illusion.

Removing doors can also help if you want to achieve this. So if you have a door to the kitchen or your bedroom, consider removing them for opening up your space after moving into a smaller apartment.

5. Use everything you can as storage

The biggest problem people face when moving into a small apartment is storage issues. This is why you have to learn how you can create smart storage. This means using everything you can. The best way to do this is to have drawers under your bed. You can also use your coffee table as storage. Your sofa can have some storage space inside. There are plenty of companies out there that create furniture with built-in storage for small apartments. This is definitely something you need to check out before moving into a smaller apartment.

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