Preparing your Philadelphia to NYC relocation

Any move needs proper preparation in order to be successful. The adequate organization of your move well in advance is a sure way to make it relatively easy to execute and complete successfully. A proper guide and some help from can make your move easier than your thought it could be.

Moving schedule as part of every guide you'll need for Philadelphia to NYC relocation
Organize and schedule your move in detail

So, first of all, keep in mind to start preparing your move well in advance so you can have ample time to work out every detail of the move. Secondly, follow some simple guides that can help a lot. So, some of the aspects of the guide you’ll need for the Philadelphia to NYC relocation should be

  • Know the moving process and how to handle it
  • Hire moving assistance
  • Pack and prepare.

So, let’s go through these key point step by step.

The moving process

Know the moving process. Try to learn as much as you can about all it entails. Gather the proper information and know all of the steps. It is important to start off by planning the move in great detail. So make sure you know each step and the proper time you need to complete it. Make a detailed schedule and timeframe of the move so you can keep track of each activity. This detailed schedule will be a blueprint for your move. In this way, it will ensure that you don’t miss a thing in this process.

Also, get informed about moving quotes and the moving budget. Moving is an expensive activity. It will depend on many factors such as the weight and number of things you have to move. Getting the right quote from your chosen movers is important for the budgeting of your move. So make sure you know the cost of your move and budget it properly. Try to include the additional costs in your calculation to allow for some unforeseen circumstances.

Moving crew working
Get the right movers to help you out with Philadelphia to NYC relocation

Moving help

Any move is a complex activity. But to complete it successfully you should besides detailed planning consider hiring some moving help. Moving professionals are what is needed to ensure a stress-free move. However, not every mover will suffice. There are many moving scams to be aware of and avoid. So, try to find the right, reputable and trustworthy moving company to handle your relocation. Your movers should be licensed and experienced to handle your relocation without too much trouble. It is important to do a proper background check to make sure that your movers have the right equipment and experience to handle the move.

When it comes to this guide you’ll need for Philadelphia to NYC relocation it is important to say that moving assistance in these relatively short relocations does not have to be too great. Although movers can provide a wide pallet of services from packing and unpacking to storage, a full-service move is not necessary. Movers can only focus on relocating your things from point to point with not much to do in addition. These services are called labor only and in these cases, specialists can give you a hand in relocating your belongings without providing additional services.


Packing is an activity that is tedious and takes time to complete. However, the whole point of the move is to relocate all of your belongings. So, packing and especially efficient packing is important. Here it is important to mention that the more stuff you have the longer it will take you to pack. However, be aware that you don’t have to pack all of the things you have. This is why it is important to categorize your belongings before packing.

We all accumulate a lot of things over time. Most of them we rarely use or don’t use at all. When categorizing your things these items become apparent and the question is why move them at all? Such things only cause clutter and are not useful. They are a burden that makes your move more expensive and takes time to pack. So, before you start packing it is important to define what to do with things like this. You have the option of giving them away, selling or donating, or even throwing them away.

Woman sitting in a cardboard box
Make sure you pack your things in the best possible way

After decluttering your packing process becomes a lot easier. However, it also demands that you gather the right packing supplies. So, you should buy or source out proper boxes, wrapping, protection materials, etc. In addition, to make your packing faster you should enlist the help of your friends and family. Packing is easier with a proper packing team so consider it. This becomes even more important if you are going with a labor-only move without engaging in any sort of packing service. Through this process, you can even help your movers on a moving day don’t neglect this activity and keep it organized.

In conclusion

Here are a few key things that any guide you’ll need for Philadelphia to NYC relocation should provide. It is clear that this is a process that takes time to prepare and execute so be patient and take your time. Make your move a breeze by following some of the key steps in this process.

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