You chose to move to a bigger city, great! You have already decided which apartment to rent in NY and which moving company to hire. Moving is the only thing that remains. You might be wondering how to help movers on a moving day. They can take it, naturally, but it’s the least you can do. In the end, they’re doing all the hard work, and you want to make their job easier. Trust us when we say, they will be grateful.

In this story:

  • How to help movers? Find adequate packing supplies
  • Label boxes to help movers
  • Be prepared for their arrival
  • Expect bad weather
  • Be nice to them

How to help movers on a moving day? Find adequate packing supplies

When packing have in mind that you need to find the most adequate material at all times. For the process of relocating to go smooth, packing has to be done with extra care. You neither want to waste your or movers’ time nor to damage something before it even got into the truck. The more time you spend on moving, the higher amount of money you will end up paying. That is yet another reason to follow the instruction.

Label boxes to help movers

By labeling boxes, movers will know which of them contain fragile objects and they will be extra careful when dealing with them. Next, they will know which are a bit heavier so there would be no surprises. Last, they’ll know where to place them in your new house, which helps you later when unpacking.

A couple labeling boxes for a move to help movers on a moving day
Label boxes, make mover’s job easier and speed up unpacking

Be prepared for their arrival

Make all preparations before movers arrive. You pack all your belongings and check twice that you didn’t forget something. Lighter boxes or objects place downstairs near the entrance. We know that preparing a refrigerator for a move or dismantling a wardrobe sounds frightening, and you can leave it to them, of course. It’s up to you. If you live in a building, make an agreement with a landlord to reserve an elevator for a few hours. Otherwise, a couple of hours can turn into a couple of days.

Expect bad weather

If you’re moving during winter or downpour, you need to be armed to the teeth. Salting or clearing pathways and driveways will minimize the chances of an accident, God forbid! It is good to wrap boxes in protective layers. Once the boxes get wet, they become useless. You’d want to protect yourself as well as movers, so bring umbrellas or towels.

A road covered in ice and snow.
Moving in winter is a genuine challenge.

Be nice to them

As all moving experts suggest, being a mover is hard and tiring. Movers will probably get thirsty or hungry at some point. It would be nice of you to provide them with something to drink or eat. If, for some reason, they need to take a break, don’t put them down. It will be five minutes at most, and they won’t charge.

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