Moving requires proper planning and organization. You can do it DIY but usually, you will require help. This is where moving companies come into play. They can handle any type of moving. From local, specialty, commercial to long-distance moving. The range of the services they offer determines the range of the prices of their services. Their quotes can be different and vary significantly. But why? What are the most important factors that affect moving company quotes? How do they influence it? let’s make a short analysis.

Choosing the moving company

Whenever you are moving it is smart to hire professionals to assist you. To get the best possible help you should research the movers and create a pool of companies that are of interest. Price is not the only factor to decide. You should research the reviews, look for the experiences their clients have, and ask all of the important questions

Once you have made a shortlist of potential movers you should inquire into the price. It is always good to get a few quotes to choose from. Since you have to do it it is important to know all of the important factors that affect moving company quotes to have a better understanding.

A woman inventorying box weight as one of the factors that affect moving company quotes.
Moving quotes are not so simple to calculate so learn about the main factors that influence them

It is important to know that the prices may vary from one company to the other. However, they will all be influenced by:

  • Moving distance and size of the load
  • Moving dates
  • Materials and location
  • On-site visit
  • Insurance

Moving distance

The size of your home influences the price greatly. A full-family home is more expensive to move to than a small studio apartment. The distance is also a major factor. Local moves are priced b the weight of the things being moved and the length of the movie. Long-distance moves will be priced accordingly, with respect to distance and weight.


Moving dates are also crucial factors that affect moving company quotes. Movers tend to be overbooked during the summer and spring. This is why a high demand drives the price up. If you choose to move off-season (winter or fall) you will be able to negotiate a better price or a discount.

Cardboard boxes
Your moving supplies and packing services will also influence the final moving quote

Materials and location

If your movers provide packing services their packing materials will influence the price. It will take extra time to pack so it also factors in and influences the moving cost calculation. The location of your pickup or delivery is also important. The harder it is for the moving truck to reach you higher the price. If there are lots of stairs to tackle, the absence of the elevator, etc, will also make the job harder, labor-intensive, and more expensive.

On-site visit

Most of the movers will give you an online quote. This is the basic number that is not final. Make sure your movers do the on-the-spot check to assess the situation. Real-life conditions are factors that affect moving company quotes that are more realistic.

A top floor terrace with moving boxes
Accessibility of your location is also influencing the moving labor and price


Insurance during the move will give you peace of mind and relieve your stress. Make sure that your movers are certified and provide insurance especially if you are moving for the first time. It will make the move more expensive but your belongings will be safer.


So, even though you can get a quote online be aware that there are a lot of costs they don’t cover. make sure you assess and invite your movers to make a more realistic quote on the spot. Knowing what your move may cost and the most important factors that affect moving company quotes will make your moving plan and budget more realistic.

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