Virginia is a beautiful state full of wonderful cities. Especially the north part of the state. This is why plenty of people from other states are moving to Northern Virginia. Mostly people from big cities decide to relocate here because it is more peaceful and safer. And most of these people are NYC retirees. Living in New York City as an elderly person is fine but a lot of them have figured that it is best to relocate to a different, much nicer surroundings. And some places in Northern Virginia are perfect for retirees. If you are not familiar with some of the best moving destinations in Northern Virginia, we are here to tell you about just some of them. Here is where you will read why moving to certain places in Northern Virginia is a good idea and the best thing to do if you are a retiree living in New York City.

Arlington County

The first out of many places in North Virginia you should definitely consider moving to is Arlington County. This is county located next to the city of Alexandria which is one of the bigger cities in NoVa as the locals call it. Across Potomac River, you have Wahington. Arlington is also one of the best places in Virginia for young professionals.

This is why you might already assume that this is a wealthy area to live in. And it really is. But for retirees from New York City, this is area would considered to be somewhat affordable as New York City is much more expensive to live in. The median price of homes in Arlington is around $850,000. For this amount of money, in New York you could buy a small apartment whereas in Arlington, you can buy a very nice house. And as you are a retiree, we believe that living in a house is a much better option. Especially if you also have a backyard. That is what makes Arlington one of the places in Northern Virginia NYC retirees like moving to.

Potomac river.
Arlington has an amazing location. It is located near Washington.

But even if you don’t have a backyard after moving to Arlington, you can always spend time outside as this is a very beautiful place with lots of nature. There are plenty of parks here that you could spend time in doing plenty of things. You could take walks, ride a bike, have a picnic, play chess with locals, or just sit by the river. There are plenty of things for you to do in Arlington as a senior. There are plenty of restaurants here where you could eat some amazing food. But there are also plenty of local shops where you can buy plenty of nice things for your home. If you decide to move to Arlington, skilled people can assist with this task and make relocation easier. There are plenty of local movers you can hire as assistance.


McLean located right next to Arlington and isn’t much different from it. But what it is different for is the pricing of real estate. Real estate in McLean is much more expensive than in Arlington. The median home value for a McLean home is around 1,3 million. This is a very large sum of money but again, when compared to New York City and the real estate pricing there, the price is fine. As in Arlington so in McLean, you do get a very nice house for this amount. When moving into your home, reach out to professionals to make moving in easier. As a retiree, you certainly aren’t able to handle all the moving tasks alone.

McLean courthouse.
Living in a historical town is perfect for retirees.

McLean is a more peaceful place to live in as it is located further away from Washington. There aren’t as many young people here as there are in Arlington. A lot of young people move to Arlington as it is located close to Washington but is much safer and peaceful to live in. But as McLean is located further away, not many of them consider moving there. Which is unfortunate because this is a very lovely place to live in no matter the age. It is a beautiful town both for retirees and children. Here you also have plenty of entertainment options. And when your grandkids visit you will have plenty of places to take them. This is also the perfect place to expand your business to in Virginia.

Winchester is also one of the places in Northern Virginia NYC seniors love

Winchester is the third on our list but that definitely doesn’t mean that it is less worth moving to. It is a beautiful historical town. All buildings are very lovely, the town has a very unique look and feeling to it. Why lots of retirees have moved here is because it is a very affordable town to live in. Real estate is quite inexpensive. You can buy a very nice house in Winchester for just around $331,000. Compared to New York City, this is very affordable. But this certainly doesn’t mean that this place is not as good to live in.

There is plenty of beautiful nature in McLean.

Living in Winchester has many perks. It is a safe place. You could leave a door unlocked at night without worrying here. This is because the community in Winchester is very close-knit. People always arrange group get-togethers in the center. Locals there show off their talents. Some play music, some sing, some make art exhibitions. There are plenty of reasons for people to gather around. And this is exactly what the locals of this town always do. If you decide to move to Winchester, can assist with the relocation to your new home.

More options

These are just a few options but there certainly are more amazing places to consider relocating to. Some of them are:

  • Leesburg
  • Ashburn
  • Sterling
  • Chantilly
  • Berryville.

There are so many amazing places in Northern Virginia that it is very hard to choose where to move to. But we believe that no matter where you move to, you will not regret it.

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