There is a good reason why Long Island is one of the most famous New York City neighborhoods. You get to live close to the hustle and bustle of one of the most vibrant cities in the world while you can still enjoy the peacefulness and the sense of community a family-oriented neighborhood such as this one can provide. You get the best of both worlds. The very center of cultural and entertainment life is just a train or bus ride away. Moreover, Long Islands hides fantastic spots to explore. Its charm and unique flair make it a perfect home for families. So, if you are still hesitant regarding life on this fish-shaped island or are looking for the right place to move to, we present you with five reasons to move to Long Island with kids.

And yes, while the long sandy beaches adorned with fancy yachts on one side and extravagant mansions on the other are something to look forward to, Long Island has a lot more to offer. It’s a unique concoction of dazzling properties and vast farmlands, tied together with some mesmerizing landscapes. 

Different people require different things

No neighborhood suits everyone equally, and there are different reasons why people buy houses and move. Of course, a young professional focusing on their career and a couple starting a family will want very different things. That is to be expected. But there are also distinctions among families. What they have in common is what they pay attention to when they look for a good place to relocate. And that is safety, education, culture, and diversity. However, not everyone’s parenting style is the same. Thus, some neighborhoods won’t be suitable for all ways of raising children.

With all that in mind, let’s see what makes Long Island an excellent place to raise kids.

1. Access to excellent educational institutions

In addition to having some excellent schools, your kid will be able to attend all levels of education without going too far. From preschool through school, your child will be well-prepared for further studies. A good education from the start is an incredible springboard, and a pretty good predictor, for future success. And educational institutions in Long Island provide just that. It makes them very popular, and competition is fierce, especially for the more prestigious schools. Therefore, keep in mind that you should look into your options as early as possible.

But it’s not only primary education your kids can get here. There are also higher education options if your child decides not to go far from home. Long Island colleges and universities include Stony Brook, Long Island University, Adelphi University, and Hofstra University.

And on top of that, many of these colleges and universities organize summer enrichment programs and day camp programs for younger kids. So, your child will undoubtedly find an option that suits their interest.

A person showing thumbs up for a good deision to move to Long Island with kids.
Educational facilities are undoubtedly one of the reasons to move to Long Island with kids.

2. High level of safety

Raising kids in New York City comes with a few challenges, primarily due to safety concerns. It’s an enormous city, so it would be foolish to expect a small-town vibe where everyone knows everyone. However, although Long Island is a part of NYC, and growing up in NYC is not easy, you won’t have to worry about your kid getting mugged or hurt while outside in the street.  After all, it is a family-friendly neighborhood, and many people with kids live there. Thus, safety is taken very seriously here.

3. Exposure to diversity is an excellent reason to move to Long Island with kids

We cannot underline the importance of being exposed to different cultures, backgrounds, nationalities, and ethnicities enough. It will be highly beneficial for your kids to grow up in such a diverse environment. And that is exactly what Long Island will give you, an opportunity to raise your kids in a diverse surrounding, where they can learn about the differences, accept them, and grow up into fantastic young people. 

Moreover, Long Island has many charity organizations that always need help in supporting the locals in need. Taking part in community service and volunteering will teach children about the importance of helping others. 

Miniature dolls representing different nationalities.
The cultural diversity here is amazing.

4. There is no lack of entertainment

There are so many museums to visit with your kids. And you can make a day of it as they are all in one place called Museum Row. You can see the Cradle of Aviation Museum, the Nassau County Firefighters Museum, or the Long Island Museum for Science and Technology. Your kids will most definitely love the Children’s Museum or one of the other kid-friendly museums where they can learn through fun and interactive activities.

At times of holidays, such as Halloween, your kid will be in for a treat. Long Island people love to push the boat out on this day and have haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and an abundance of fun Halloween activities. Best of all, it will be practically just outside your home.

There are also many adventure parks, such as Splish Splash, Adventureland, and Bayville Adventure Park. If you want to diversify, you can go for live theatre performances, many of which are kid-friendly. Fairs and festivals are held all year round. There is so much more, so one thing is for sure – you or your kids will never be bored. Finally, if these reasons are good enough to make you start packing, experts from HP Small Moves Long Island say professional moving assistance is all you need to make this place your new home location without any difficulties.

Two children smiling.
Your kids will never be bored here.

5. Plenty of opportunities to be outside

The abundance of open space will allow your kids to run around and play. Whether you are in the mood for one of many parks, playgrounds, beaches, or even your own backyard, because now you have one too, you have many options. They can learn to ride a bike on many bike trails. You can also go hiking together. Have a picnic in one of the beautiful parks, too.

Also, since you will get to experience all four seasons, you will have different options at different times of the year. If you like skating, there are both indoor and outdoor ice rinks. Seal-watching is also a popular attraction. You can go fishing together all year round if that’s your preference. 

Are there any reasons not to move to Long Island with kids?

Moving, in general, is a life-changing decision. Depending on where you move to, it can also be a lifestyle change. Wherever you are coming from, whether it’s a hectic metropolis or a peaceful little town, life on Long Island will give you an incredible set of benefits. And that is the most significant reason to move to Long Island with kids. So, relocating here would definitely be a lifestyle change for the better. And the best part, everything we have mentioned is only a tiny portion of all you can do and see on Long Island.

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