In case you are thinking about relocating with your whole family, including your dog to New York state, you should know something about the best locations for you. Here, you will have a chance to read something about small towns in New York state that are ideal for people with families who also have a pet dog.

Saranac Lake

The first place on our list is Saranac Lake. This is actually a village in New York state that is ideal for people with children who are dog owners. If you want t relocate here, you should start planning and organizing the whole moving process, as well as decide earlier what you should eat and wear on your moving day. People who are moving with their kids must also pack some spare clothes in their backpacks that will be close to them. Moreover, for the ones who are moving both with their kids and pets, preparing meals for moving day is necessary.

Saranac Lake is one of the best small towns in New York state.
Saranac Lake is ideal for families with dogs.

Haverstraw is one of the best small towns in New York state for dog owners

The second place that is great for people with dogs and children is Haverstraw in New York. Located in Rockland County, this small town is very beautiful. If you choose it to become your new home, you should start thinking about what moving services you need, like storage space. Yes, you definitely must put away all excess items.


Thirdly, we have Greenwich in New York state. This town that is placed in Washington County has to offer very good schools for your children. In case you want to move here, you should see what you need to pack earlier. Many people decide to hire professional packers rather than doing everything on their own. So, perhaps you should also consider doing the same thing.

Suffern is one of the great towns in New York state for families with dogs

Fourthly, you must know that Suffern in New York is an excellent place for your family and pets. It is a village that has enough green spaces where you can walk your dog, and amazing houses with nice backyards where your best friend would feel safe. If you need storage space when moving here, you should know safe units are at your disposal in this place.

A dalmatian.
Suffern has nice houses that have spacious backyards ideal for your pets.


Fifthly, you should also consider Westfield in New York state. This small town is very peaceful, people are very friendly, and your loved ones will feel safe here. Importantly, many people here love dogs and have pets of their own. When planning your relocation here and checking out different companies, you must be careful and pay attention to moving insurance as well.


To sum up, some of the best small towns in New York state that are ideal for families with dogs are Saranac Lake, Haverstraw, Greenwich, Suffern, and Westfield.

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