People usually declutter their homes when it’s time for relocation. However, you can declutter your house or apartment whenever you want. Whatever the case is, the act of decluttering a home is always the same. Sure, there are more than a few tactics when it comes to decluttering. Today, however, we are going to explore what is considered to be the most efficient tactic – room-by-room decluttering. So, let’s explore how you can do that with minimal effort.

Make a plan

Randomly going from room to room is quite inefficient. It will just consume your time and energy, and at the end of a day, your items are going to be randomly packed. That can create all kinds of troubles. 

Decluttering your home with boxes and a kid.
Decluttering a home can be overwhelming if you are doing it randomly.

This is why anyone who has decluttered their home once is going to tell you that you have to declutter in some kind of order. The best way to do that is to create a plan and stick to it. So, grab a paper and a pen, and start to organize your decluttering. 

Create an inventory

If you are decluttering your home before the move, having an inventory is almost a necessity. You have to know what you are going to relocate. 

If you are just decluttering, having an inventory can also be helpful. Sure, that inventory doesn’t have to be as detailed. It would be enough to know some basic items you are decluttering. 

Gather some packing supplies

You can get most of the necessary packing supplies at the supermarket in your vicinity. Also, they are not that expensive. Here’s ar some of the packing supplies you’ll need:

  • boxes, plastic bins, or crates
  • a packing tape
  • plastic beans
  • plastic wrap
  • a marker

Decluttering your home room by room

Start with any room. For every room, the process is the same. You have to separate the stuff you are going to keep or move from the stuff you don’t need anymore. It is one of the main tricks to ease the process of decluttering. Don’t attach too much to the stuff you own. The whole point of decluttering is getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. 

Sell, donate, and throw away

After that, you have to separate the stuff you don’t need into two or three groups. The first group should be for the stuff you are going to sell. You can organize a backyard sale or sell your stuff online. The second group is going to be for the stuff you can donate. And the third pile is for the stuff you can only throw away.

Our friends from tell us that you need to be careful when throwing away the chemicals. Make sure to read the labels and get familiar with the local environmental laws. 

How to organize the stuff?

Family organizing a move.
Make sure to organize and label your boxes.

By now, you should have only the stuff you are going to keep. Make sure that your things are separated depending on which room they are coming from. Label the boxes or plastic bins with the marker. Boxes from the kitchen should go with the boxes from the kitchen. Books from the library should be moved with the books from the library. Make sure to label where fragile and sensitive items are, like glassware. After that, it’s on you how you are going to use your freshly organized items.

Decluttering a home can be hard. We hope that we have helped you with your decluttering. Good luck with that!

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