Every book lover knows it is important that their books are well kept. When the time for a relocation arrives, packing and moving can be very stressful. Make sure that you check out all of your options and think carefully about how to pack books for a move.

Sort your books

First and foremost, you need to consider whether you wish to move your entire book collection or whether there is a possibility of downsizing your book collection. Keep in mind that any moving company you hire will probably charge by the weight of the shipment they need to move. This means downsizing your collection and reducing any weight will be good for your budget. Go through your book collection and remove books you are not a fan of, don’t need, or won’t read again. Once you have done this, contact a moving company such as www.smmoving.com and get your move underway. Downsizing your book collection won’t be easy and might take some time, so start early.

What should you do with books that you don’t want to take with you?

There are several options that you can consider:

  • You could try to sell them and earn some money along the way to boost your budget.
  • You could have a party and let your friends choose which books they want from your pile of unwanted books. This way you can make sure your unwanted books go to a deserving owner. If you don’t know how to tell your friends that you are moving, a party like this could be the perfect opportunity for this too.
  • Donating your unwanted books to libraries, schools, or book clubs is another option.

Use special boxes to pack books for a move

  • Books can be very heavy. So, the best thing to do is to get small boxes that aren’t too heavy to carry when packed with books.
  • Your boxes need to be made from thick cardboard. You should add tape to the bottom of the boxes to make them stronger. This will also protect your books from dirt and liquids on the floor.
  • Line your boxes with packing paper. This will protect your books further.

How to pack books for a move?

  • You should pack your books by weight. The heaviest books should be on the bottom and the lightest on top.
  • You could pack your books standing up, the way you would put them on a shelf. Book spines should face the box walls.
  • If you want to ensure the pages of your books aren’t damaged, the best way to pack your books is to put the spines of the books down.
  • You can use any soft material as padding between the books.
  • Once your books are packed, secure the top of the box with a bit of tape.
Boxes packed with a few books so they would be easy to carry and move around.
Make sure to pack your books in smaller boxes that aren’t too heavy to carry when packed with books.

If you feel any stage of your move is overwhelming you, look for ways to relax during your relocation.


Labeling each box with its contents, where they should go, and which side should face up will make your move easier. If the box contains more valuable books you should probably declare it as fragile.

A box labeled fragile which could contain your more valuable books.
If books are your passion you will want your books to be well taken care of and handled gently. Labeling the box they are in as fragile can help ensure this is the case.

Real book lovers will have a tough time parting with their books, even if only for a little while. Leaving yourself something to read whilst you are relocating will help keep your mind relaxed. From one group of book lovers to another, we hope this guide on how to pack books helps ensure that you are delving into new, exciting adventures in no time.

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