Have you decided to change your environment and move to a different place? While that change may be good for you, you need to decide which season is the best one for relocating your household and life. If you have set your heart on moving during the winter, then a wise thing would be to learn as much about it as you can.  After all, you need to know what you are up against, right? Know that moving during the holidays which seem to be the main event in the winter season comes with a lot of pros and cons. Here are some of them!

Pro – you have plenty of moving companies to choose from

It is a well-known fact that winter is the least popular season for moving. There is only a small percentage of people who decide to test their luck and move during the winter season. But what they can tell you is that such a move means you have a lot more moving companies to choose from. Unlike moving during the summer, where you have to book your movers months in advance, you will see that moving in cold temperatures means that you can relax, and book your movers a week or two in advance.

A calendar to chose your date when moving during the winter.

People moving during the winter generally have a lot more choices than during the summer.

Con – there’s ice everywhere when moving during the winter

One of the main reasons people decide to wait for warmer temperatures to move is that winter comes with a lot of ice. As you know, ice is slippery, and it’s the main cause of accidents during the winter. The chances of those accidents multiply tenfold when moving. And the farther you decide to move, the more you will have to drive on the slippery roads. Therefore, should you decide to move to a distant city, it might be advisable to wait for safer weather conditions.

Pro – you will have your pick of the moving date

Like already mentioned, not a lot of people will decide to move in the winter. That means that a lot of dates will be unoccupied, ready for you to book them. Since companies such as Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland are busy all year long, your best chance of finding the date you want is during the winter. So, in case you are picky and need to wait for a lot of things to come together before you decide to move, choose winter for your moving season.

Con – you might miss out on holidays

The Christmas holidays are something a lot of people wait for all year long. Christmas is celebrated all over the world as a family holiday when you are supposed to enjoy the good food and the company of your family. But, when moving during the winter, you might miss out on Christmas holidays, and all of the traditions that come with it. You might not be able to relax when moving if all you can think about is how you would rather be drinking eggnog at the moment than packing your fragile vase.

Two glasses of eggnog.

Think about whether missing out on the holidays is worth it.

Pro – the winter move is cheaper

Assuming that you are a member of an average American household, money is always something you are trying to save. And since moving is not cheap, saving some money on this expense is important. But, good news – you don’t have to opt for a cheaper mover in order to save money. All you have to do is decide to move during the winter! Since there is not a lot of interest in moving, relocation companies tend to lower their prices. They even might be open for negotiation, which can significantly lower the moving price. So, if you want to hire a cheap but a reliable mover, a winter move might be your best bet. 

Con – your kid will have to move during the school year

We are sure you already know that moving during the school year is less than ideal. You are interrupting your kid’s habits, and you are separating him/her from friends. Sure, they will be able to find new friends, but what about the classes they will have to miss? If you are going through a long distance or interstate relocation with kids, make sure your child is mentally prepared for going through such a change. 

  • Talk to your kids and explain to them what will happen. 
  • Ask whether they have any concerns and questions.
  • Be understanding and supportive when they start acting out (which they most probably will).
A girl that is drawing.

A winter move can disrupt your child’s daily activities.

Pro – you will get a better treatment

What we were able to establish so far about moving during the winter is that it’s not a popular thing. That means that moving companies will battle for your attention, doing everything in their power for you to choose them. We are sure you won’t mind the extra attention, would you?

Con – a winter move equals bad weather

Finally, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to escape the bad weather and sub-zero temperatures. Winter comes hand in hand with cold weather, snow, and blizzards. That means you will have to be on the lookout for bad weather and monitor the weather forecast before moving. In case some bad natural disaster is coming your way, you will be forced to reschedule your moving date.

The conclusion

It’s impossible to tell whether moving during the weather is a good thing or not. Everything depends on what you find important. If you want to save money, it’s clear what you’ll do. Likewise, if you want to avoid bad weather, a winter move won’t be on your mind. Just make sure you think things through, and make the most informed decision.

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