Moving is a big task to finish and usually, it carries a lot of stress for everybody involved. Moving during the holidays can be even more difficult if you are not well prepared.

Planning a move

Moving usually takes a lot of planning. If you have to move, you have to choose wisely for the right time for the move. It is not the same if you want to move during the workdays or weekend. In addition, it is very different if you choose to move during the holidays.

In case that you cannot choose when you will relocate, that is if it has to be during the holidays than prepare. Make a list of everything you need to do before the move. After that make a list of everything, you have to do during the moving day. This may seem unnecessary to you, but it is an enormous help when the moving starts. You will be in a lot of hurry and a lot of stress. This is the way to make sure that you aren’t forgetting anything.

Another very useful thing during a moving day can be a storage unit. Moving during the Holidays can be extra difficult because many companies, as well as people, don’t work. If you are moving by yourself, you will probably ask your friends for help. Don’t worry if they cannot help at that time, because many will probably be on holiday, vacations etc. You can rent a storage unit, but be sure to choose the right size when looking at your Mishawaka storage options, for example. You have options to consider, so everything you need can fit inside the unit.

Choosing the right time to move

This is at most importance, you have to consider all the facts when you are deciding whether to move during the holiday or don’t.  It is not the same if you are moving during the weekdays. It is especially useful to skip morning rush hour traffic can be terrible just because of the Holidays. However, if you start your moving day when most people go to work; you will make your move a lot more difficult. Why would you do that to yourself?  In addition, it is wise to skip weekends before the holiday. That is important for big holidays such as New Year or Christmas. That is the time when it is the most crowded everywhere.

save some money for Moving during the Holidays

Set your budget because sometimes things get pricier during the holidays.


People tend to buy at the last minute. So, skip this weekend.

Prepare moving essentials

If you have a choice to choose some other time to move, do that so it goes as stress-free as possible. But it is ok if you have to move during the holidays if you plan and prepare for the moving day.

Prepare and buy in advance so you are not in the situation that some of the stores you need don’t work during the holidays.

Make sure that you have:

  • Moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap, tape, scissors, pocket knife
  • Something to protect the floors ( towels, cardboard or old blankets)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Plastic bags – this is very useful if you are moving during the rain or snow, the best way to protect your belongings.

Give yourself a break

It is a holiday season. Make sure that you leave a little free time for you to enjoy. Hire professionals for needed help and dedicate some time to your family. Arrange everything with movers so you can spend this time as stress-free as possible. Depending on where you live, you can organize your moving company for packing and unpacking. Affordable Packing Indiana is a useful service. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Make sure that you ask for a quote and you see if it is worth your trouble. Hiring movers to do the packing will save you a lot of time but just set the budget in advance.

Don’t forget to decorate

Everybody needs a break and fun. This is especially important if you have kids. Moving is hard for them as well. This is a nice way to make sure that they don’t feel like they have missed the holidays. They will be more cooperative if they have a little fun and relax during a move. If it is Christmas or New Year, you can get a small tree. A small one that you can move to a new place. Decorate this one tree and then simply move it to a new place.

a moving truck during holidays

Don’t be overwhelmed by the move and forget about the holiday spirit


Leave some decorations for the new apartment or house as well. You can pack that in a separate box and wait to load it last in a moving truck. When you get to a new place it will be first to unload. Keep your kids busy with decoration. If you give them this job, they won’t be in your way and they will also have some fun.

Set a budget for presents

Everything is so expensive: movers, packing supplies and let us not forget the presents. In order to save some money, make DIY presents this year. Your friends and family will appreciate the thought.

On the other hand, if you want to buy them a present, you can do this for a few months in advance. Save them for the holidays and your budget will not suffer too much.

Check the weather forecast

Sure, you can be completely sure how the weather will be like when you are moving during the holidays. Check the forecast so you can prepare for the worst if you have to.

A snowman cleaning the snow

Clear the snow and prevent falls or injuries.

Also, if it is winter time then you have to spare some time to clear the snow in front of the house. Make sure that it is not icy. You can spill some salt so it doesn’t freeze and get slippery. Moving during the holidays can be a little easier if you are well prepared.

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