How difficult can it be some would ask? After all, moving to an apartment down the street cannot be all that different from moving to an apartment in another state, can it? People sometimes take moving for granted. However, they fail to realize that moving is a big job with many pieces that need to fall into place when it is over. Moving takes time and energy no matter how big or small it is, no matter whether you are moving down the block or to a different state. The only difference is that moving to a different state is going to require much more of the above-mentioned resources than usual. Interstate relocation with kids is usually even more stressful.

Driving in the winter - interstate moving with kids should be done in the summer.

Moving to another state is a big job that you should do in the summer.

Depending on the age of your kids, you might need to constantly take care of them or to soothe their teenage needs. These are interstate relocation with kids tips.

The beginning is the most important

The beginning of the move is the most important part of it. It is important to read a Master Moving Guide. It will help you get through your move. Here are the general ideas of what you should pay attention to when moving with kids to another state:

  • Planning is crucial
  • Education should come first
  • Teenagers can feel vulnerable
  • Let your kids say goodbye to their old friends and surroundings

Planning is crucial for a successful interstate relocation with kids

When it comes to moving, it is important to point out that good planning will make the move a hundred times easier. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you make a thorough plan of the move. You are going to need time to execute it. For that, you should make sure to have enough time on your hand to relocate with ease. Make sure to get your moving quote on time. Tackle administration issues as soon as possible. Get the new home ready for the arrival of your family.

Interstate relocation with kids requires careful planning ahead of the move.

Plan ahead and make a good plan for interstate relocation with kids.

Interstate relocation with kids – sort out their education as soon as possible

Given the fact that you will be moving with kids, your first priority should be their education. This means that you should plan to move in the summer. Right after the school finishes, collect the necessary paperwork and enroll your kids with the new school. The choice of their new school, depending on the age of your kids, does not necessarily need to be yours alone. Our suggestion is to take your kids with you and show them the schools that they can choose from. Then, make a decision together with them. You should have decided which school they are going to go even before the time of the relocation arrives.

Interstate relocation with kids – manage your teenagers

Teenagers can be particularly difficult when it comes to moving. They have been building their identity in their first school and now they will need to start all over again. Therefore, if you can involve them in the moving process and choosing of their future school, do it. It will make the process of relocation much easier for all of you.

Four girls in the woods.

Involve your teenagers in the move and the move will happen more easily.

Another good way to address issues of moving with teenagers is to take them to see their future home as soon as possible. Show them where is going to be their new room. If you can afford it, ask them to tell you how they would like their room to look like. Maybe they can even come up with the concept for the room themselves? It could be difficult to get teenagers engaged and enthusiastic about relocation, but it is not impossible. If they feel like they are controlling some aspects of the move, they will jump onto the bandwagon more easily.

Let your kids say goodbye to their old neighborhood, friends and favorite places

Your kids may feel sad about moving, we have stated that already. In order to help them get through that period and give them a sense of closure, you should take them out to sort of, say goodbye to their favorite places. Take pictures of them and explain to them that those places will always be in their hearts even though they will be living elsewhere. You can also throw a goodbye party for your kids. Let them invite their friends over and have a good time.

It is a good idea to have every friend write down their phone number and an email in a book. If this is too old-fashioned for you, don’t worry. Kids are much more digitalized these days than us when we were kids. With Facebook and other social media sites, they will stay in touch easily.

General tips on interstate relocation with kids

There are some universal rules that you should follow no matter where you are moving to and whether you are moving with kids or not:

  • Hire reliable movers. Your preferred movers are going to take care of the bulk of the issues when the moving time comes. You will want to have someone reliable by your side taking care of your needs. If they do a good job, you might even want to tip your movers perhaps?
  • Reliability comes with a price. Therefore, decide on a budget and get a good moving company. This is not where you should try to save money.
  • Try to find out as many moving tricks as possible. No matter whether they are about packing, driving or administration, they will come in handy.
  • If you are moving to a large city like New York, get to know it before you arrive.

Hopefully, these have been useful to you. Lastly, if you start panicking, just stop for a second. You will realize that interstate moving with kids is demanding. Just reassure yourself for a moment and you will be fine.

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