Having storage is a great thing, whether you’re moving or not. You can use it to store all those items you don’t need in your home every day, but also don’t want them to eat up your space. That’s when a storage unit comes in handy. However, if your unit is not well organized, it will be hard to reach certain items, so the unit won’t serve its purpose. So, before you store the items, learn how to pack your storage for frequent access, and organize it the best way possible.

Get shelves for your storage unit

To be able to pack your storage for frequent access, you need to have some shelves put up on the walls. Shelves serve to lift the items from the floor, ant therefore protect them in case of a flood. But also, shelves are a great way to organize your items and be able to find and reach them much faster.

Cardboard boxes packed in a storage unit
Shelves help lift the boxes from the ground and therefore pack your storage for frequent access.

Sort your items by frequency of use

To pack your storage for frequent access, you need to know what are the items you’ll use the most. Try to organize them by how frequently you will use them, so you can pack them properly in the storage unit. The items people often take from their units are tools, hobby equipment,s seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, etc. The items you use the most should be closer to the entrance door, so you can reach them whenever you want.

Bonus tip: As you organize the storage unit, it’s a good idea to make an inventory list. This list will help you find certain items in the unit, and also remind you of what you have stored in it. After you write it down, place it in a visible place – like the back of the entrance door.

Pack items in the boxes of same size

To be able to stack boxes properly and be able to reach them quickly, it’s best you use the same-sized boxes. Also, it’s good to have small or medium-sized boxes – those can be easily moved and picked up. Also, a general tip when pacing the boxes for a move or a storage unit – don’t overpack them. Boxes that are too heavy are more difficult to lift and carry and can damage the boxes underneath when stacked ina s storage unit.

Bonus tip: When you stack the boxes in the unit, be sure to leave an aisle in the middle. This way you will be able to reach the boxes even from the back of the unit.

stacked boxes in a storage unit
A messy unit can be dangerous, both for you and the items inside – pack your storage for frequent access the right way.

Label the boxes when packing your storage for frequent access

Another tip that’s great for packing for a move but also when you need to pack your storage for frequent access. Use a sharpie or some stickers to label each box in your unit. Write what’s inside so you can find items much faster. Also, think of the way you stack your boxes, and write the contents on the visible side of the box. This way, you won’t have to move several boxes to read what’s written on the lid.

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