When retirement time comes, most seniors are looking to move to a new place where it is peaceful and quiet, especially seniors who are living in NYC. So, if you are using a senior moving guide for retiring, you should definitely consider places in Ohio. This state has a population of over 11 million people and it is known as a peaceful and quiet state. Also, a lot of seniors are moving to Ohio in order to find their place and their peace. Spending retirement days in Ohio is a real benefit. But, what are the top places in Ohio where senior New Yorkers feel at home?

A list of places in Ohio for seniors where they will feel at home

So, what are the places in Ohio where New Yorkers feel at home? Let us present to you a list of these:

  • Youngstown
  • Eastlake
  • Hilliard is one of the places in Ohio for seniors
  • Reynoldsburg
  • Warren

Be sure that all these places are suitable for seniors and that you will adapt to each of them with ease. So, moving for retirement to some of these places is a score. In order to get a better image of these places, we will present them to you.


This place is a perfect one for seniors who want to live in an urban area and still have affordable prices of living! The percentage of people who are over 65 is 16.9%. Speaking about the median home value it is approximately $44,000. On the other side, you can find places to renting. If you decide to rent instead of buying, just be sure to make your rental feel like home. This is a suitable place in Ohio for seniors because there are many outdoor activities, bars, restaurants, parks, etc. So, adapting to Youngstown will not be a problem at all.

A bar in one of the places in Ohio where senior New Yorkers feel at home.
There are a lot of outdoor activities in Yongstown such as bars.


Speaking about Eastlake, it is also known as one of the most affordable cities in Ohio. The percentage of seniors is 18.1%. The famous place in Eastlake is Lake Erie. You can be sure that you will enjoy long walks by the river, breathing fresh air and enjoying the silence. There are also a lot of parks in this place. In Eastlake, you can be sure that you will live in a peaceful and quiet environment. For all these reasons, Eastlake is considered one of the best places in Ohio for seniors. If you decide to move to this place, just remember to prepare for long-distance moving properly and to start on time.

Hilliard is one of the places in Ohio where senior New Yorkers feel at home

The following place in Ohio that is suitable for seniors is Hilliard. This city has a population of over 36,000 people and it is known as a peaceful and quiet city. In Hilliard, you can find a lot of seniors, communities, affordable prices for living and buying, and many other things. To say it in simple words, adapting to Hilliard will not be a problem at all. A specific thing about this city is that finding reliable moving assistance is a simple thing. In the case that you decide to move to Hilliard, you can find assistance that will help you to settle in who are from Hilliard. This means that experienced teams can lead the way and make your relocation process a lot easier and simpler. It will help you to move to Hilliard even faster and in a smooth way.

A senior couple walking.
There are a lot of seniors in Hilliard.


Similar population to Hilliard, Reynoldsburg has over 38,000 residents who are living in this city. This city also has affordable prices for living, outdoor activities, senior communities, and many other things. Again, adapting to this city will not be a problem at all. This place is also known as the suburban community in the Columbus metropolitan area. So, when you need to go to Columbus, you will arrive really fast and with ease. Speaking about some other benefits, you can find reliable storage options in this city. If you need to store your goods until you finish improving or renovating your home, you can find a secure facility for your possessions with ease. Just look for a suitable option and see how many goods you can store inside a unit.


The last place in Ohio on this list is Warren. This beautiful small town has everything that every senior needs. First of all, the prices for a living are affordable ones and you can purchase a home without spending too much money. Also, homes are suitable for seniors and families. So, if you need to adapt your home for an elderly family member, you will do it with ease. The second thing is that Warren has a lot of parks and museums. It means that you will always have somewhere to go and to feel relaxed and stress-free. Be sure that in Warren you will enjoy it and you can never be bored.

Benches in park in autmn.
Warren is known for having beautiful parks.

No matter which of these places in Ohio you choose, remember to have professional assistance for your move

As you can see, all these places are suitable for seniors and you can be sure that adapting to each of them will not be a problem. Now, no matter which of them you choose, remember that hiring professional assistance is an essential thing. Since you are moving to Ohio, you will have plenty of options to choose from. But, if you are looking to have reliable and professional movers who will help you during the entire process, just visit the zippyshellcolumbus.com website and find a suitable moving service for your upcoming relocation!


To summarize, places in Ohio where senior New Yorkers feel at home are perfect opportunities for seniors in general. Just think wisely about which of them is the most suitable for your needs and start organizing the relocation process. Once you move to some of these places, be open-minded and take all the opportunities that this state and your new place of living have to offer you!

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