Many people after retirement want to change their lives. Kids are moved, and you have plenty of time to explore and try new things. But, relocation in your twenties is different than in your sixties, for example. For many reasons. You are looking for different things, you are not chasing for career, searching for good schools and neighborhood for kids, etc. So, what to look for when moving for retirement and how to prepare? How to choose a new place to live and where to move? Many questions are here, so do not waste time and start with planning and organizing.

How to decide to move for retirement?

First of all, give yourself some answers to these questions and you will be sure about moving decision. Before you search for a senior moving guide give an answer to these questions.

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Before you move, ask yourself some questions and make a good decision

  1. Before moving for retirement decide how you want to spend your days and fill them. Maybe you want to learn a new language or enroll in a cooking class. Ask yourself “what will I do every day?”. When you know the answer, you will know where to move and what to look for.
  2. How often you want to visit a family, and do you want to be far away from them? If you want to spend time with your family, choose a place that is near them, so you can drive there whenever you want.
  3. What makes you and your spouse happy? If you love how weather and Sun, choose south US (Florida, for example). Do you want a relaxed and quiet life or you are an active senior?
  4. And last but not least, can you afford a move? Calculate the costs and make a decision.

What to look for when moving for retirement?

If you decided to move after retirement, consider these factors. Plan every step and organize your relocation. The last thing you want is a mess and stressful moving.

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Stay active and try new things and hobbies. Painting, cooking, dancing, practicing yoga, wine tasting…the list is endless


A good doctor and healthcare get more important when we get older. When relocating to a new place, check healthcare facilities. You need top-rated hospitals to be safe and always healthy. Prices depend on the city where you will move but looking for good care is a thing you should consider.

Hiring a moving company

Assistance for senior citizens who’d like to move is useful and for some seniors necessary. Moving for retirement is more difficult because you cannot do everything on your own. Lifting, packing, carrying, unpacking, disassembling furniture is dangerous in your age. You may hurt your back or to get other serious injuries.

Renting a storage unit

Most retirees are looking for a smaller home, it is cheaper, and they do not need a big house anymore. So, what to do with all those household items. One of the additional services movers offer is a storage unit where you may store all your belongings, temporary or on a long-term.

How to choose the best place to move to?

If you did not choose where to move, we know how to pick a new place. The USA has many good places for seniors, but you should choose the best for you. People are different ad they want different things, it is normal. But, some things are the same for each retiree.

  • Money is a big factor when choosing a new place to live, so the costs of living are probably in the first place. A city where you will move should be affordable.
  • Population, attractions, places to visit, It depends on what are you looking for, a vibrant city or a quiet suburb?
  • Most people love the warm climate. It is good for health and for spending time outside. Before you choose your new home, check the weather.
  • Move to a place with a low crime rate. The last thing you want is to be robbed and not to sleep well.
  • Check hospitals in the city and their rates. If something happens, you want a doctor you can trust.
  • There are neighborhoods with a lot of activities for seniors. Consider moving to a place where you will meet new people and have a good company and an active life.
  • Consider a distance to your family, kids, and friends. Probably you do not want to be too far from them.
  • A good way of finding a place to move is checking with a quality moving company – like Moving of America – NJ Movers.
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When moving for retirement, there are a lot of things to consider and to look for

The best places to retire in the US

If you want to relocate, but you did not find the perfect place yet, we have some examples for you. You already know what you want and what is important for your future retirement life. Florida is one of the most popular states for retirees, but it is not the only place in the US. Moving to South Florida is one of the good options, but not the only one. These are the top 10 places to move after retirement and enjoy the golden years.

  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Clearwater, Florida
  • Metairie, Louisiana
  • Richardson, Texas
  • Petersburg, Florida
  • Paradise, Nevada
  • The Woodlands, Texas
  • Berkeley, California
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Carlsbad, California

As you can see, all of these cities are located in the south US, mostly because of the weather. Rain, snow, ice, wind, low temperatures are not ideal for seniors. Moving for retirement should be something like a vacation, you deserve it after years and years of working for you and your family. Search for a place where you can relax, read the newspaper, drink coffee and enjoy the beach. Look for a place where you won’t worry about the high costs of living, such as NYC or LA and where you will have a lot of friends to spend time with.

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