Interstate moving is a complex process that takes time to prepare and execute. To make sure it is a success you have to plan in detail and control every step of the process. As it demands that you are separated from your belongings during the relocation that may take some time it is important to make sure your belongings are well-protected. Packing and especially packing glassware tips are essential and important for you to be safe. It may be a time-consuming and tedious process but it’s well worth doing right. If you take the fragility of your china and glassware into account you can see why it is important to pay attention to this packing activity.

Glassware packing and protection

Although your moving process is already stressful good long-distance moving preparation can help you handle the process. This is important especially when packing and handling fragile items. They are hard to pack and take care of and easy to break and cause you trouble. To decrease the risk of any breakage and additional damage it is important to have a good packing strategy.

Be sure that it will take time, additional effort, and investment in special packing materials but it will save you the worry and ultimately money. Glassware tends to be expensive so its good protection for interstate moving is important.

glass cups and a teapot demand that you know packing glassware tips
It is crucial to take good care of your precious glassware during your interstate move.

What will you need

Well to protect your glassware well you will need special packing materials. On top of that, you will need extra boxes and cushioning protective filling. There is always an option to get DIY packing materials and an option to buy special material although they might be expensive. Additionally, you can pay your movers to do the packing for you. Their expertise and materials will be the best option although it can be expensive.

However, if you plan to do the job yourself you should utilize some of the best tips for packing glassware. So, once you have gathered your materials: new, recycled or reused moving boxes, filling materials for newspapers, blankets, or scarves start packing. The first steps should be to:

  • Inspect the glassware for any damage, chips, or cracks
  • Wrap everything carefully
  • Pack, protect (use the filling materials)
  • Label and seal
Wine glasses
Long stem wine glasses require additional protection and care when packing


Make sure that everything is in good order and undamaged. Any crack in your glassware can lead to breakage. During transport, this can cause more damage to other packed items. It will also lead to extra work and effort while unpacking. So get rid of all of the items that are not suitable for transport.


You should try to wrap every item separately for interstate moving. Use bubble wrap, old newspapers, or padding to provide protection. Wine glasses and their fragile stems can prove to be a big challenge. Here is the place to give you one of the best packing glassware tips: use protective padding abundantly or check if movers offer additional services like packing with their supplies.

Paper wrapping and fragile items in a box
Gather all of the supplies you might need to protect your glassware

Pack and fill

Use only sturdy boxes for packing glassware. Buy additional cardboard boxes and additional protection. Use separators and make cells around individual items to additionally protect them.

Label and seal

Take care to label and mark any boxes containing glassware well. Make them visible so that your movers will know to take extra care. Also, seal the boxes well with packing tape. It will provide additional sturdiness and strength to the boxes so your items will be well protected.

There are many tips for packing glassware but they can all be wrapped in this shortlist. The key tip here is to invest your time, attention, and care into packing your glassware. This extra care will ultimately save you time, money and relieve your interstate moving stress and anxiety.

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