What can you expect from your movers? Well, the essence of their service is to transport your possessions. Now, that is difficult enough on its own. Over the years, many companies have managed to provide a reliable service at reasonable prices. But, what additional services do movers offer, besides simply transporting your possession? Well, we are here to give you a quick rundown on what can you expect your movers to do for you. Just keep in mind, that moving companies can differ between each other, and that not every company provides every service that we are going to list. That’s why you need to compare moving companies before hiring one. 

Moving Preparations

How successful a move will be, depends in many ways on the amount of preparation that went into it. Poor moving preparations often lead to difficult, and sometimes even impossible moving tasks. Therefore, moving preparations have become one of the additional services that your movers can offer. If you start preparing for the move ahead, and you ask yourself ” What additional services do movers offer?” know that they will be more than happy to prepare you for the move.


The first thing that a moving company will offer is a moving estimate. If you hire them to move you, they will have to give you an estimate anyhow. But, it is worth mentioning that there are different moving estimates, and that you can get a moving estimate without any obligation to hire the moving company to move you. And you should use that to your advantage. Get as many moving estimates as you can before you decide on who will move you. The more estimates you have the better you know about what is fair to expect for a mover to charge you. If a moving company is considerably below the average estimate, stay away. It is most likely a moving scam.

What additional services do movers offer? Well, for starters, they can tell you how much it will cost to move you.


Packing is the most important part of the move when it comes to avoiding moving accidents. Therefore, if you ask yourself “What additional services do movers offer?”, know that packing is the one they would prefer the most that you leave to them. Properly packing someone is not an easy thing to do. And the biggest problem is that improper packing can lead to mishaps, accidents or even make a move completely impossible to execute.

If you are unsure of what to do and how to pack yourself, ask your movers to do it for you. They will be more than happy to do it, as it will give them an opportunity to get familiar with your possessions before moving day. There is no one better suited to move you than the people who packed you.


Another thing your movers will definitely need to do before they move you is to plan your move. But, what many people don’t know, is that you can use a moving company for a consultation. Say, for instance, that you have decided to organize a move by yourself. You have the tools and equipment needed, people to help you with heavy objects, but you are not sure how to approach the project itself.

What should you do? Simple. Go to your nearest movers and ask them for advice. Many moving companies will be more than happy to sit down with you and help you make a plan. As a rookie, there will be many things that you simply cannot know, and that may end up costing you a lot. Advice for an experienced professional is extremely valuable and you should take note of everything that they tell you.

Who knew that there were so many things that go into moving? Well, professional movers did.

What additional services do movers offer, besides preparations

Aside from helping you prepare for the move ahead, there are certain things your movers can help you with, that are not simply transporting your possessions. Sometimes people are capable of transporting their everyday items on their own. But, there are circumstances where your best option is to get a professional moving service to help you out.

Transporting special items

Some items are too complicated for an amateur to move. They are either too heavy, too fragile, too cumbersome, or all of the above. Items like pianos, aquariums and pool tables, all require a lot of planning, technique, and experience in order to relocate properly. Therefore, a lot of people get professional movers to do it for them. And they are smart to do so. Trying to move any of these items on your own puts you at alarmingly high risk of moving accident. Do not risk such a thing happening, and hire piano moving services today.


Piano moving is a serious project that should only be handled by capable movers.


Shipping is another thing a moving company can do for you. Companies like FedEx and USPS have certain limitations on the size and weight of the items they are capable of shipping. Well, moving companies have no such limit. They will move anything that you need to get moving. Just make sure that you get reliable movers, as the moving industry is much less regulated than the post industry. Only let movers that you are completely sure are trustworthy are reliable to handle shipping, as you will have little influence on what happens to your items once they take them.

Advice for dealing with your movers

Whatever additional services do movers offer, they would like you to let them do it without interruptions. Your best course of action is to find the most reliable movers, tell them what to do, and step away. No mover likes to be constantly supervised and criticized for their work. Let your movers do what you paid them to do. If you do not trust to do it, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place. Hire only those movers who you can completely trust.

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