Once you unload all of your belongings at your new home you consider that the move is over. However, there is a lot to do to complete the process. One of the things is to unpack and settle everything where it belongs. This process is the final step of your move but it leaves you with an unwanted problem. You often get cluttered with an almost unthinkable pile of cardboard moving boxes. The question then becomes just what to do with them and how to recycle cardboard boxes you are stuck with?

The effort of recycling

Your move usually demands proper preparation and buying moving and packing supplies. Cardboard boxes are a major part of your moving and packing preparation. They are light, easy to carry, and versatile. To pack and move properly most of us tend to get these boxes any way we can. You can get them for free from grocery stores but most end up buying them. Quality boxes can protect our belongings even for long-distance and interstate moves. Quality, sturdy boxes can be expensive so usually, we spend a lot of money on them. That is why disposing or recycling them can become an important issue once the move is over.

Man laying under a pile of boxes because he doesn't know how to recycle cardboard boxes properly.
Do not let the clutter get the best of you

How to recycle cardboard boxes after the move

There are a lot of things you can do with your cardboard leftover from the move. You may be overwhelmed by them but consider the gain you may have if you recycle them in one way or the other. You can always break them down and send them out to be recycled but you can find good use and recycle them yourself. So, if you decide to keep them here are your options:

  • Reuse for another move
  • Use for storage
  • Give away or sell them
  • Repurpose

Reuse for a move

If you tend to move a lot, it doesn’t make sense to continuously spend money on new moving materials. You can save a lot if you reuse your moving supplies like cardboard boxes. If they are in a good condition and can survive at least for another move, you can reuse them. So, make sure to break them down carefully and fold them to save space. Then store them in a dry place for the time when you will need them again.

Use for storage

As they are light and strong they can be reused for storage. They are great as storage containers. If you are careful and reasonable they can be used to store a lot of different items. Just make sure to label them properly to avoid any confusion.

A person puting some books in a cardboard box
Use cardboard boxes as versatile storage bins

Give away or sell

If you have no use for them you may give away your cardboard boxes to be reused or recycled further. Your friends and family may need them for their move or storage needs, so be generous and help them out with cardboard moving or storage materials. There is also an option of selling them online to people that may need them for their use. They will save money on used boxes and you will have a small amount of cash returned.


There is always an option of repurposing cardboard. It is light, strong, and versatile while easy to modify and cut. So be creative. There are ways of creating ornaments and other decorations from cardboard boxes. You can use them as drawer dividers or containers for household items. Kids can get creative and make something out of it or you can have fun making castles, mazes, or puzzles from your cardboard boxes.

Girl playing with a cardboard castle
Be creative and make a cardboard toy for your kids to play with

So, whatever you decide you can benefit from keeping and recycling cardboard boxes in any way. Do not get overwhelmed by the clutter. Just put your moving boxes to good use and you can clean them out in no time.

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